Wendy Williams claims beef between her and NeNe Leakes has been exaggerated.

Via a video blog posted by Williams on Tuesday, the talk show diva  explained that she and NeNe never had a falling out, as several blogs reported last week. “I don’t have a problem with NeNe, I love NeNe.”

Why couldn’t she just leave it at that, you might ask. Well don’t, because she didn’t.

Fanning the already hot flames, girlfriend decides to “clarify” with some comments that could stir the pot between the former besties once again.

“You know I don’t love a big wedding, though,” Williams says, referring to Leakes’ extravagant re-marriage to ex-husband Gregg Leakes. “Especially the second time around.”

She laughed off the fact that Leakes “didn’t invite” her to the wedding, “because I told her through the TV that I’m not coming.” Still, Williams insists that she has only positive feelings for her friend. “I wish NeNe all the best,” she says. “Even high-brow NeNe. Because that’s the new NeNe.”

Do you think her comments will make NeNe reconsider being a guest on her show again. Remember the “Real Housewives of Atlanta“ star recently stated on Twitter that she doesn’t intend to return as a guest on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

We’ll see how this plays out.

5 thoughts on “What Beef? Wendy Says ‘I Don’t Have a Problem with NeNe, I love NeNe’

  1. Hey NeNe listen up…..It’s more to your advantage to be on Wendy’s show; than not. Actually I think Wendy has helped push all the housewives’ shows. She constantly talks about them.

  2. Peachie on said:

    Wendy is Wendy and most people who get her get her and others just choose to blow what she says out of proportion or take it out of context. There was no mistaking what Wendy said to be a punt to create drama or assume there was drama between Wendy and Ne Ne. Please, the media and messy folk causes this to happen. Sometimes I wish that Black America Web would be the bigger information source and not bother with stories like this one. Seriously.

    • Peachie: “bigger information source”?? Seriously?? These days even main stream news sources talk about entertainment. Actually I think we’ve been bombarded with too much news overall because of the 24/7 news cycles. They run out of things to talk about; so sometimes insert entertainment news as a filler. I mostly turn the news off these days because there is so much negativity. It’s draining!!

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