Do the math.

Let’s say you owe $431,000. You have to pay that bill at a rate of $627 a month. How many years will it be before THAT debt is settled?

By my calculation, a little over 57 years.

Now if you were 18, it would take you 10 years past the traditional age of retirement – 65 – to make all those payments.

But Tawana Brawley is 41. And she owes former New York prosecutor Steven Pagones that $431,000, which she has to pay from the nursing job she works in Richmond, Virginia.

Remember Brawley? According to news reports, she’s been calling herself either Tawana Thompson or Tawana Gutierrez these days.

A Virginia court recently ordered that Brawley’s wages be garnished to pay the $431,000 she owes Pagones, after she was found liable for defaming him back in 1998.

The original judgment was for $190,000, but Brawley made no payments during the 15-year period from 1998-2013. With an interest rate of 9 percent, that total amount of what she owed Pagones ballooned to $431,000.

The back story about that judgment began some 11 years before 1998, after Brawley claimed that two white men in Wappingers Falls, N.Y., abducted her and drove her to some woods. There, Brawley claimed, they and four other white men raped her over a period of four days.

Brawley was only 15 at the time. Her story received some credibility because she was found in a trash bag, smeared with feces and with the letters KKK and the “n” written on her body.

Enter attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox, and a then-obscure minister named Al Sharpton. They set themselves up as Brawley’s defenders and “advisers.”

After a year of naked race-baiting in which Sharpton accused then-New York Gov. Mario Cuomo of being a racist and claiming that Brawley talking to the state attorney general about her allegations would be akin to having a concentration camp inmate talk to Adolf Hitler, a grand jury investigated Brawley’s accusation.

What did those grand jurors conclude, after listening to 180 witnesses, conducting a seven-month investigation and compiling a transcript of testimony that ran to 6,000 pages?

That Brawley’s story was worth considerably less than bat guano.

How did the jurors reach their conclusion? Stories from several different papers might provide the clues.

From the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom of Aug. 4: ““(The jurors) found evidence that Brawley had (run) away from home and was hiding out in her parents’ former apartment after they got evicted….Traces of the charcoal-like material used to scrawl the hateful word on her body were found under her fingernails, and she showed no signs of genital trauma or exposure, the jury found. One witness said Brawley was spotted crawling into the (trash) bag.”

From a story in The New York Times of June 3, 2013: “A Sharpton associate told news media at the time (of the grand jury investigation) that Ms. Brawley’s lawyers….and Mr. Sharpton ‘were frauds from the beginning.’ About six months after the hoax, Ms. Brawley’s former boyfriend told Newsday she had invented the allegations, apparently to avoid a beating by her mother’s boyfriend after running away from home for four days.”

Seeking to clear what was left of his good name after Brawley called him a “gang-raping, kidnapping racist,” Pagones hauled her, Maddox, Mason and Sharpton into court.

That court ruled in Pagones’ favor. Mason was ordered to pay $188,000; Maddox had to pay $97,000; Sharpton, who led the race baiting, got off relatively easy. He only had to pay $66,000, part of which was paid by attorney Johnnie Cochran and other “benefactors,” according to The New York Post.

Will Reverend Al step up for Brawley, the way Cochran and others stepped up for him?

You would think that after aiding and abetting one of the cruelest hoaxes in American history, that Sharpton’s career would have been done after that 1988 grand jury investigation.

But Sharpton’s career took off. He portrayed himself as a bold crusader for civil rights and the defender of black folks across the land.

Today, he even has his own show on the MSNBC network, for which I suspect he’s getting paid a pretty darned good penny.

Since Brawley is mainly responsible for Sharpton being where he is today, he really ought to hook the sister up with a little something-something.

And that something-something should come to about, oh, $431,000.

(Photo: AP)

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68 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: It’s Time for Reverend Al Sharpton to Step Up Again For Tawana Brawley

  1. Meagan on said:

    Maybe she might have hidden video cameras from the outside of her place.
    There might some hidden video that wasn’t looked over

  2. Charles, you just proved that you LEAP to assumptions without any evidence! You assumed that because I wrote about Vivien Thomas that I am black. Oops! I am white. Look at my photograph at

    Are you white?

    If you are white, are you certain you have no black blood in you?

    You never know what you might find when you get DNA testing or trace your ancestors.

  3. Actually, I would be delighted to learn that tawana and “devil whorshiper, al the COW” end up floating in a Mississippi Swamp, because, they like the Prostitute, that RUINED the YOUNG LIVES of the DUKE Lacrosse Team, deserve justice!…

  4. I think, that Al Sharpton, the Grand Dragon of the Black KKK should apologize to White People for his promoting his hatred toward White People by using this tramp as a tool to advance his agenda! I really hope that soon, his security is penetrated by either the White, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, or even his own Negro People and they Blow His Racist Head Off!

  5. Who cares abut her. MANY people believed her and she lied. This kind of mess is still going on so do not blame Sharpton. There are plenty of blame to go around. Look at our celebs, when a lie comes out, MOST people are quick to believe them. I bet some of the same people who were mad with Shartpon are some of the same people who have QUICKED JUDGED someone else but because this is Al Sharpton, these people want to hold on to it. Give me a break. WE ALL have been quick to judge; however, the KEY to it is to learn from it and Rev Al and most of us have learn.

    • And YOU are so Stupid as to actually call this thing a reverend?…al, the hate monster?….U have to be kidding…he is not a REAL GOD -Fearing Man, yet, one FULL OF HATE!….Billy Graham is a REAL MAN OF GOD!….Wake UP dummy!

  6. Rayar Johnson on said:

    August 12,2013

    Please, Please Help us! In the February 14,2013 Wayne County Newspaper,( Front Page) It tells of the school violations and bullying and harassment my children have suffered in the WCSD,Mississippi. But, it did not mention that the latest of those threats were from the school KKK note. Now, this same girl where two knifes were found on her is back at school and sitting behind my child on their bus.
    This is not the first racial discrimination . My kids have a right to a safe school environment.
    The WCSD said they would handle it and they would prosecute and she would not be back on that campus. They would not tell me one court date no notification, just it’s been handled. 911 did not even send an officer at my request the day of.
    The children are shocked and scared. I beg for justice. I do not know why help for justice is so hard. They are not going back to school until they are represented. This is sad that anyone would think we are okay with this.

    • I’m sure by now, things have been resolved. I’m sure by now, you can stop blaming the KKK for YOUR RACISM, as most of YOU NEGROES try now and then!….now, be good and I’m sure you will get Plenty of FREE STUFF from those “Mean old white people” to give your children for Christmas, since, YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO GET A REAL JOB!

  7. PathLessTraveled on said:

    Unfortunately, writer Gregory Kane sounds “young and dumb” if he thinks that Tawana Brawley “made” Rev. Al Sharpton. It only takes a little research effort to discover that Rev. Sharpton hasa been involved in the civil rights struggle long before that. In addition he has been at the helm of the National Action Network long before that, and he was successful with it whether it is by your standards or not. People who were in the know knew about him and his ministry long before Brawley came on the scene.

    Gregory Kane is just trying to start some stuff that is viscious and brings out all the racist crazees on this site. Maybe he gets a kick out of that or some type of bonus perhaps. But to me it is irresponsible journalism and he should be canned (or in some countries caned even.)

    No Rev. Sharpton does not owe Brawley anything and should remain as far removed from that case as much as possible. In fact she owes him and others the most sincere apology for the ruin she nearly caused his life and career. Tawana brought that on herself and has to pay the price. Nevertheless, in my opinion the price she has to pay is exhorbitant, extra-punitive and seemihgly exceptionally unfair. This is/was unrealisticfor not only for an adult, but especially because she was still a teenage child when she perpetrated this farce. In my opinion the judicial system should be stuck down for ever imposing such an exhorbitant fine on anyone for such simple words which did very little to really affect someone’s life. But that’s too much to expect for a capitalistic country like this.

    • Says a person who has never been falsely accused of raping a child. You actually have no earthly idea what damage her words did or the effects it had on her victim. On the contrary, I don’t think Tawana can live long enough to repair the damage she caused.

    • FrankieB on said:

      Sharpton is the one who lied and repeatedly. Yes, Tawana lied to protect her ass. But Sharpton & Co. embellished, lied, slandered, and defamed. Check out the June 1988 NIGHTLINE interview where Sharpton says “we have the facts and the evidenence that an assistant DA did this.” That isn’t Tawana speaking, that’s sharpton.

      Sharpton repeatedly slandered hospitals, police and medical staff, the Attorney General, and dozens of others. Yeah, Tawana lied at age 15 and again years later in her 20’s when she made $$$ giving bogus speeches to gullible black college students who believed her cock-and-bull story.

      Glenda Brawley is also a fraud. She and her husband told Tawana to go along with the fraud so they could get the $1 million promised to them by Sharpton & Co. (they only got $300,000). Tawana got tens of thousands of $$$, including a $35,000 Rolex from Mike Tyson.

      The black people of Wappinger Falls NEVER rallied to these people’s defense because they knew from the get-go they were lying. Hell, a classmate of Tawana’s told the same story a year earlier !!!

  8. Wildflower on said:

    The white man wants his reparation! He can get his when we get ours. Just drop this crap the same way they drop the rapes of years past of all the black women.

    • Wild so do you want rape charges to be dropped JUST of all white men that have raped Black women, or drop charges of ALL the Black men that have raped Black women as well?? Your comment isn’t rational at all

    • U really need to brush up on your history about who kidnap/sold mess.
      I would take the time to school u boy – but it would take to DAMN LONG..

    • Oh yeah? The rapes of Black women?…how about the RAPES and Crimes on WHITE WOMEN, since you animals have been turned loose in the past 60 years?….I think, NOW, you owe us, nigs!

  9. Ruth Palmer on said:

    She got what was coming to her. I don’t feel sorry for her. She tried to ruin other peoples lives with her lies!!!!!

  10. Al Sharpton is not obligated to pay anything ,however it’s interesting how he hasn’t learned
    from that incident …. Duke Lacrosse ring any bells?

    • That could have been said for the Trayvon Martin case if you listen to white America. They said Florida spent money on this case due to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson…a.k.a. RACE BAITERS? So he has no obligation to her, she messed it up for him…

  11. on said:

    Al Sharpton does not owe Tawana Brawley anything. Mr. Sharpton got where his is today through his
    own hard work. It was a misfortune to even get involved with Tawana Brawley in the first. She brought
    this on herself when she decided to lie about being raped and held against her will when she was
    fifeteen years. She is the one who did not pay her judgement for many years, she needs to pay up.
    I do not feel sorry for her, her lies have cought up with her.

    • Yeah, real hard work race baiting all the time. Do you not remember the Crown Heights riots or the Fredddie Fashions Mart incident. He has bodies to atone for in both incidents. There are many more examples of this race baiting leech and for anyone but Satan to get behind him shows their ignorance and prejudice. He is a poor excuse for a Reverend and if he’s changed then where are the public apologies to the famalies of the lives he’s ruined as well as for the murders that were perpetrated because of his racist and vicious lies. He is a murderer. The pen is mightier than the sword.

      • Wildflower on said:

        If racial tension wasn’t already among us race baiting wouldn’t even be effective so you can blame him if you want but you among others would only be lying to yourselves.

      • Really Leon??!! I don’t think most people take the term seriously when it comes to referring to Sharpton as Rev. I for one have always looked at him being called Rev Al metaphorically. As for poor excuses for Reverends…..believe me I could name many that fit that bill.. There are many but Eddie Long comes to mind instantly.

  12. I quit engaging at shoprite and currently I build $35h – $80h…how? i am operating online! My work did not precisely build Pine Tree State happy therefore i made a decision to require an opportunity on one thing new… when four years it absolutely was therefore onerous to quit my day job however currently i could not be happier.go to this site home tab for more detail ….

    • Wildflower on said:

      Yeah Shitty Leroy that’s what your mouth say but when you go as far as name calling…… Yeah you care and you want some attention so why are you so angry? Some coon had his d*(k in your woman mouth or your mother?

    • Leroy “coon”….really….Seriously. That term is so old, and out dated. Like Sharpton, or not he has been one of the few Black people that have stood up for Black people, and causes in recent years. Since I assume that you think you can do a better job why don’t you take the helm, and get out front of all Black issues? Ok….we’ll be waiting.

      • BlackBeauty on said:

        Tell it!
        At least the good Rev. is doing something!
        We all make mistakes, andhe has made his, however it is what you do now that is important.

  13. No one needs to step up for this woman until she tells the truth. Every woman that lies about rape adds to the social stigma that keeps women from reporting being raped. She let this man exploit her for notoriety and she deserves to pay for the rest of her life. There were too many helpless black women raped by white men that she has disgraced for me to ever have sympathy for her. EVER.

    • Wildflower on said:

      No one exploited her. She lied to a lot of people including those that tried to help her. Who actually doubt or give a rape victim the 3rd degree? Everyone wants to believe that no one would lie about something like that. This young lady started and caused all of this because she was very young and immature not realizing the gravity of all she’d done. If I was her I wouldn’t pay a dime either. They can chalk that up to the game. Too many innocent blacks doing time or dead and no one cares so why care about this old shit.

  14. the Timekeeper on said:

    Al Sharpton does not owe Tawana Brawley one red cent. He went to bat for her becuase he thought she was telling the truth. She was just simply a hot in the ass little girl who was afraid to come home after layin’ up for 4 days. Bill Cosby, Mike Tyson and many, many others went to bat for that girl, and I dont think she ever apologize to anyone. In fact, Al Sharpton did have to paya fine to a policeman who sude him in that case. So you need to get your facts straight. Those of you who think Al owes her some money, who dont you put together a find for her on your own Im sure she will take it just like she took Americas good responsibility way back then. You said she made Al Shaprtons career. On the contrary, she almost derailed it. It took years to overcme what she did to his reputation. He owes her nothing at all. Get your facts straight. What she needs to do is ask for a way to lessen the amount she ows and then move on.

    • He went to bat for her to further his OWN agenda, you sad ignorant fool. And he took advantage of a foolish, young, poverty stricken and abused teenage girl to do it. Anyone with half a ants brain could tell after a little bit that her story made no sense. A man killed himself because of her lies. And despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Instead of being a man and a example of Jesus and ask for forgiveness, he turned into a sneering, Golum sort of defender to lies he knew were lies and still to this day has not atoned for his lies. Apologize Al, and to you timekeeper, keep,drinking that Koolaid kid, won’t be long and ole Al will be living with the worms and the world will be a better place, then who will you have to trumpet your racist agenda?

  15. Me: Kong on said:

    A bold and intellectually honest opinion piece. Sharpton is in a position to help her financially; her case “made” him, financially speaking. The defamation suit may never have been brought against her if not for Sharpton’s inflammatory behavior. It’s a really good point.

  16. on said:

    Sharpton is just a reverse racist at HEART ! Take a look at his action through the YEARS … He cares less about the African American People then about him self . Sharpton is just using anyone to move along his on agenda . A mans actions and deeds is louder then any words that can be spoken !

    • Wildflower on said:

      F()ck you all. Rev. Sharpton owes no one anything especially an apology. You evil muthaf()ckers run around killing blacks like it’s open season and then you want to harp on this situation that is long gone. The man that killed himself did it not because of the Reverend but because he was weak and he probably had other skeletons that he was afraid that might come out. And for all you undercover nigga lovers get out of this site and go talk that craziness about reverse racism to someone with shit for brains like you because really we could careless. See yah!!!!

      • BlackBeauty on said:

        Why are you so angry?
        You have no idea what race/color of people you are respondin tog. Perhaps you would be surprised LOL!
        Take it down a thousand. You sound ignorant, and misguided.


  17. Serpentine on said:

    Mr. Sharpton shouldn’t give her one dime. She should be responsible for every cent due. Same punishment for Wanetta Gibson, who accused Brian Banks of rape. $431,000, Brawley is getting off light.

    Wanetta Gibson owes:
    ” A judge ordered Gibson to pay the Long Beach Unified School District $2.6 million, which includes the $750,000 settlement she received from the district as well as interest, legal fees and $1 million in punitive damages.”

  18. malex on said:

    I strongly disagree. I think Mr. Sharpton does owe it to Ms. Brawley to pay some of the judgment against her. After all she was only 15 years old at the time of the lie and he took it and ran with it before he (the adult) got the full facts on the case. He has done this before, starting a loud and public campaign and then stepping out of the picture when his facts are proven wrong. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate most of Mr. Sharpton’s activism on behalf of our people, but he also has to step up to the plate when he is wrong thereby giving his voice credibility.

    • BlackBeauty on said:

      I disagree.

      Mr. Sharpton (and please know that I hold him fully accountable), was not the only “adult” in this mess. There was her mother who knew exactly what was up!

      Mr. Sharpton, took it to task trying to protect, and bring to light what he thought (at first) was a young black woman being assulted by white men. The story was perfect for an activist to be involved in, as it had all the elements.

      Also, at 15 years old you know you are telling a lie, and you know what those lies would bring.

      Ms. Brawley (who got off light), needs to pay her judgement just as any of us would have to do.

  19. BlackBeauty on said:

    Sorry, but Mr. Sharpton does not owe Ms. Brawley one dime!
    In fact, he needs to stay as far away from that hoax of a story as he can.
    Ms. Brawley needs to pay for her lies! Her lies caused much damage, and it is not acceptable even from a black woman.
    In the beginning Shaprton and the rest bought into her story, and the situation went viral. As a young activist Mr. Sharpton jumped in, but as this story unfolded even he (and others) had to step back. He held on with the lie which I am sure he is now not so proud of.
    Wrong is wrong, no matter what race/color the person is.
    Why should she be let off the hook?

    • Me: Kong on said:

      I get you, but he has profited. She has not. She was a kid. And he was not “young.” Please stop making excuses for him.

      • BlackBeauty on said:

        Not making excuses for him, just stating the fact that Ms. Brawley was not all that innocent, and in fact had a mother who was apparently going along with the hoax!

        He is certainly not perfect, but I truly believe that in the beginning he really thought the girl was telling the truth and he was out there fighting for her against the “white” men who she said did those things to her.

        Sorry, but Ms. Brawley was far from an innocent young teen, and her momma knew it as well.
        Mr. Sharpton’s crime was that when he realized (or knew) the girl wasy lying he/they did not step up and change the story.

        She should not profit from telling that lie, just as no other woman should profit from lying on men saying they raped them.

        As for Mr. Sharpton’s financial status, he did not start earning monies until years after this case was dead and in the water.

        If you are a man would you want the judgement dropped if a women told a lie that you raped her?

      • Kong: No one is making excuses for Sharpton. Tawana is the one that lied….Sharpton doesn’t owe her, or anyone else involved jack!!

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