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Cornel so crazy.

I’m talking about Cornel West, of course, and his recent anti-President Obama rant.

BlackAmericaweb columnist Michael Cottman has more than adequately and excellently covered what West said about Obama, and, just as importantly, why.

This column will be about West and the “p” word: precious.

Before West’s rant, I thought I knew what the definition of precious was. But after hearing the way he used it, I figured I was wrong.

“There’s a criminal justice system in place,” West huffed, “that has nearly destroyed two generations of precious, poor black and brown brothers.”

So those brothers now residing in the nation’s jails and prisons are “precious,” are they?

Here’s the definition of precious from Merriam-Webster online dictionary: “1. Of great value or high price. 2. Highly esteemed or cherished. 3. Excessively refined. 4. Great, thoroughgoing.”

And these five definitions come from the Web site “1. Of high cost or worth; valuable. 2. Highly esteemed; cherished. 3. Dear, beloved. 4. Affectedly dainty or over refined: precious mannerisms. 5. Informal thoroughgoing; unmitigated: a precious mess.”

When West referred to the brothers in jail or prison as “precious,” I have a hunch he was using the word in the meaning of any of the first four definitions from the Free Dictionary.

I have no doubt that West, being on the far left of the political spectrum, considers America’s criminal element – the black and brown part of it anyway – to be of “high cost or worth.” Or “valuable.” Or “highly esteemed, cherished, dear and beloved.”

Yes, black and brown reprobates are all those things to West. In what will most certainly be a futile attempt to bring West back to reality, I’ve compiled a list of some of the black miscreants West finds so “precious.”

1.    Darrell Brooks: On the night of Oct. 2, 2002, Brooks kicked in the door of a house in East Baltimore. He tossed in some gasoline and then torched the place.

The family inside couldn’t escape the inferno. Carnell Dawson and his wife, Angela Dawson, were killed. So were their five children.

You will never, as long as you live, hear West refer to Carnell Dawson, Angela Dawson or any of their five children – all every bit as black as the criminals West’s heart bleeds for – as “precious.”

2.    Jason Terrence Richards, Ogden E. “G-Wizz” Coleman, Michael Shelton and Eric Thomas “Ock” Watkins: in the summer of 2004, all these guys were involved in the strangling death of a 15-year-old girl named Quartrina Johnson.

After murdering Quartrina in Baltimore City, the four drove her body to a Baltimore County park and burned it. After they were arrested, Shelton and Watkins cut deals with prosecutors and testified against Coleman and Richards.

Here’s the tale Shelton and Watkins told: Richards, a man of 24, was having sex with a girl, then only 13 years old.

Oh, that’s so “precious,” ain’t it, Cornel?

Quartrina was the girl’s foster sister. After their foster mom got wind of the relationship between Richards and the 13-year-old, Quartrina was all set to testify against him in a statutory rape case.

The 13-year-old, tired “of her foster mother telling her what to do,” decided to run away with Richards. Quartrina, not wanting to see her sister go with Richards alone, went with them.

Quartrina was strangled to keep her from testifying. Oh, and she was just as black as the four “precious” men responsible for her death.

3.    Derrick Taylor and Corey McMillon: in January of 2005 these two forced their way into a Baltimore halfway house. They were looking to collect a drug debt from a man named Antwon Arthur.

They held all the occupants of the house at gunpoint while they threatened Arthur. Nathaniel Gulliver, one of the occupants of the house, asked how much money Arthur owed them.

After learning the amount, Gulliver volunteered to empty his bank account to pay the debt. He left, accompanied by either McMillon or a third man who was with Taylor and McMillon, to walk to a nearby automated teller machine and get the money.

But giving the money to Taylor didn’t mollify his taste for murder. He shot Arthur anyway, and then either he or McMillon shot Gulliver and two other men in the house.

Ah, that was a precious act indeed, was it not, Mr. West?

Full disclosure: Gulliver was my first cousin. His murder, Quartrina’s murder and the torching of the Dawsons doesn’t make me feel like black America’s criminal element is as “precious” as West says it is.

But maybe I’m just funny that way.

(Photo: Retna)

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26 thoughts on “Cornel West and the ‘P’ Word: West’s Description of Brothers in Jail as ‘Precious’ Misses the Mark

  1. I guess I don’t understand why you have a problem with him using the word ‘precious’ to define these human beings. No matter the reason, they are “precious” to someone. Not to negate or minimize their wrong doings either. I think Dr. West’s usage in broader than you give him credit for in this case. You will find deviant behavior in every ethnic and racial group. You listing these offenders and their crimes to advance your point, just demonstrates that you are looking to find those who are easy to vilify or demonize. Our communities don’t need additional help in that respect. We are bombarded daily with “examples” of said behavior. Embracing ALL people as precious should be the mandate.

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  3. TopDog on said:

    There is nothing “precious” about the black brothers in jail. They are there for a reason–to keep the rest of society safe from their raping, mugging and killing.

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  6. Both the author and West are right — There are precious brothers in prison; and there are miscreants as well. It seems that there is an awful lot energy being placed on semantics. Or, perhaps it has more to do with the continue black castration of West. Some of those complaining comatose black folks should wake and stop complaining about radical black folks that no longer can be contained on the plantation.

    • Walt: I assume you use the term “plantation” metaphorically. For me when I observe a person using terms in the year 2013 like slave, and plantation says to me that that person is living in the past, and isn’t progressive. At least come up with a new term that fits 2013 because “plantation” does fit.

      • OOPS!! I meant it DOESN’T fit. My tolerance level is very low for people that live (too much) in the past.

      • Joy: I hope your question is satire. I can’t imagine you are serious. After all how else would it be used other than metaphorically?

  7. Nick Ross on said:

    I don’t think he means “precious like your describing it. Lets look at what he’s saying from a common sense view.

    • Stop letting fools out of the front door. on said:

      Thank you. The entire article missed the point of what the man was saying. We have to be fair in what we read and write.

  8. Wonderful blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
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  9. And this coming from a college professor!! Wow…..I would think he would have used different wording. I think West has gone over the edge. The Nutty Professor comes to mind.

  10. ewattree on said:

    Cornel West is such a self-serving, disingenuous, phony that if Hitler was still around he’d be calling him, “my very dear and precious, brother Adolph.” Every time he’s about to stick a knife in someone’s back he preface it by talking about how much he loves them. Personally, I’m sick of even hearing that dude’s voice.

  11. publicenemy#2 on said:

    When West referred to the brothers in jail or prison as “precious,” I have a hunch he was using the word in the meaning of any of the first four definitions from the Free Dictionary.

    Maybe you should stop being a hypocrite for a moment and double check the non-free dictionary to reference your hyprocritic BAW news article before someone besides Barak can understand WTF you are trying to say! F’you and the folks (in quotations) you represent. I am going to continue to listen to truth ok faithful!?

  12. Jason on said:

    Lol. Are you idiots so simple that you don’t realize his use of the word precious is more than likely to be applied to black and brown people that are in jailed on trumped up charges that others get off for. That there is still 2 education systems and judicial systems…. (rich and poor) As the writer of this bull shit… You owe your readers an honest unbiased opinion on his statement but since he speaks against that jack ass in the white house you will vilify one of the black men that speak honestly, intellectually, and openly without fear of repercussions.

    • Blakgod on said:

      You are absolutely correct, although I would have chosen different words to express it. It is astounding to watch black Obama groupies defend this man in the most illogical ways. West’s use of the word precious is made a point of contention. All while President Obama and Eric Holder use their authority to continue the prison industrial complex and expand it. Black people are the ones who suffer most but that does not matter to the President’s boosters like Gregory Kane. Whether its Bradley Manning, Mumia Abu Jamal, or the thousands of black men locked up under the foolish war on drugs. President Obama could actually bring justice to those victimized by the criminal justice system but he will not. Still people like Kane are more concerned about shutting up Cornel West than seeing the President do the right thing.

      • Question for you…so if you do something illegal like selling drugs your preferred treatment would be to let the person go? Its plain and simple to me…don’t do the crime and you wouldn’t be in that situation in the first place! Damn how hard is it to do the right thing??? Actions have consequences!!!

      • Blak so do you consider people that voted for Clinton, and Carter groupies? What about the people that voted for Bush……were they groupie?

  13. JudithNYC on said:

    Which rant? Any time I hear or see Cornell West he is ranting against President Obama. He is getting to be very tiresome. If I want ranting lunatics I will watch Faux News.

  14. tyrone on said:

    Your criticism of C. West is not in the proper context intended by C. West. By the way, I am not a fan of C. West, especially by virtue of his public slander of President Obama.

    • That’s true its not in proper context. Those people deserve to be in jail but the drug laws are what I think West is talking about and the huge profit made by the prison system on non violent offenders

    • Then Cornel West needs to be specific in his speech (terminology) and leave no room for interpretation. Perhaps if he stopped grandstanding, he may be able to make a valid point. Haters period make me sick particularly when done so in the guise of educating…such BS!

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