George Zimmerman’s parents say they now fear for their son’s life.  Robert and Gladys Zimmerman are afraid that a total stranger may stalk George and then kill him just based on society’s portrayal of him.  How freaking ironic!

The prince of Percocet, Rush Limbaugh, declared that after listening to Rachel Jeanteal he is now free to use the N word as long as he ends it with an A instead of an E-R, because the N word with an A is not racist.  Well, go for it Rush Limbaugh, but don’t be surprised if your N word with an A instead of an E-R lands your A in the ER.

 Justin Bieber has struck again.  Pop music’s biggest butthead has once again spit in somebody’s face.  A DJ in Ohio says that Justin gave him a hocking loogie to the grill just for taking pictures.  And this is now the third time that brat has spat on someone.  See, Justin Bieber thinks he’s cool.  But there’s only one name for someone who spits all the time, married woman.

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