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ESSENCE editors have been flooded with responses ranging from anger to sadness over the Zimmerman verdict—especially from Black mothers who daily worry about the dangers their sons face when they are profiled without consequence,”  said ESSENCE Acting Managing Editor Vanessa Bush. “ESSENCE’s #HeIsNotASuspect campaign is designed to challenge negative images of young African-American men. We want also wanted to create a forum for mothers, grandmothers, aunts and everyone else to proclaim that young African-American men are to be celebrated and not feared.

Click here to watch Essence Editor Jeannine Amber talk with the TJMS’ Nikki Woods and Mary Boyce.

Readers simply need to upload to Instagram or Facebook a photo of themselves and a young Black man they care about—a son, brother, nephew, cousin, neighbor—and tell ESSENCE in a few words why he’s so much more than a stereotype, using the hashtag #HeIsNotASuspect.

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4 thoughts on “#HeIsNotASuspect: Essence Magazine Launches Special Social Media Campaign

  1. Beverly Ward on said:

    Eric Jean

    I couldn’t agreed with you more, We need actions not to tell white people to stop treating us this way, they are going to do that regardless that’s what kind of people they are. Far as making demands on Holder and Obama I’m with you all the way.

  2. This is pure bullshit…What does this mean? That we are at fault for Trayvon’s death because we didn’t let white people know that we have good boys in our families.This is the type of shit that keeps black people always behind the proverbial 8 ball.Racist losers like George Zipperman do not give a shit if your son is a focking honor student or not; If his intention is to kill a young black man that night,he will do it regardless. I have stopped reading those old ass black magazines like essence and jet a long time ago and i fail to see what people get out of them.This idea sucks and should be done away with.We don’t need to beg white people or anybody else to accept our children as humans.If they refuse to do so voluntarily, we should start thinking of making some serious demands on Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s justice department.No more nice words and empty promises……..Actions speak louder than words.

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