2. Instead of relying on the Metro subway system in her hometown of Washington, DC, Caroline began walking everywhere she went.

Within the first two months Caroline lost 30lbs, and within 18 months, she lost over 150lbs. Now over a decade later, at age 32, Caroline has maintained her weight loss via consistent exercise and disciplined eating.

What Caroline Learned…

Experience has taught Caroline that “losing weight and keeping it off is 85% healthy eating and 15% exercise. Healthy eating is washing the car and exercise is shining the rims.”

Caroline decided to share her weight loss journey, revelations and strategies in a book, called Half My Size: How I Ate To Lose 150lbs.

Caroline Today…

Caroline has been a guest on popular programs such as Good Morning America and Access Hollywood.

Additionally, she’s a dynamic public speaker that has provided weight loss tips and cooking and fitness demonstrations on a variety of TV shows and magazines. Beyond the television screen, she conducts innovative workshops at numerous hospitals, corporations and health organizations, as well as at a number of churches and schools in her hometown.

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