Where are her Mama and Daddy at?! Now don’t get us wrong who doesn’t love Willow Smith? We certainly do, but there is something sort of creepy feeling to us about this video of a 12-year-old girl singing about summer time flings. It looks like someone is trying to sexualize this little girl and it feels all wrong.

The subject matter is forced and the other people in the video are too old for a girl who hasn’t even become a teenager yet to be hanging out with. For the life of us we can not figure out why Will or Jada would ever sign off on letting their only daughter be portrayed this way.

No she isn’t doing anything scandalous but everything about the video says high school not jr. high! Check it out below!

We don’t want to see this industry use this little girl up! Plus the last we heard she was focusing on being a little girl and wasn’t trying to pursue any of this anymore…so what changed? Guess we will have to wait to find out!

What do you think? Is the subject matter to grown for Miss Willow? Take our poll and have your say!

19 thoughts on “Is Willow Smith’s New Video “Summer Fling” Too Grown For A 12-Year-Old Girl? [VIDEO]

  1. Tracey on said:

    I like the song but would rather have heard Beyonce or Rhianna sing it. She is too young to even know what a fling is. I understand they are a Hollywood family but letting your kids shave their head, where funky clothes and singing about things that are better suited for an adult is just too much. She’s a baby let her be young while she can, enjoy her as a child because it goes by way too fast.

  2. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    Who put the head rag on that man head. This video is hideous. Her wig is CRAZY!!!! Where is Bill Cosby since he is going on a rampage about poor black kids with parents that have no moral value system. Will and Jada have money and that excuse you gonna make for them.

  3. Doretha on said:

    So, Will & Jada, you should be ashamed for letting your daughter do this song,” Whip my Hair” was cute-but this one- is for an older teenager. Willow hasn’t even develop yet, she straight up and down, just like a twelve yr old should be. She doesn’t look right-then on top of that the blonde hair-it’s as bad as the blue and pink mess, she had last year. She is growing up to fast.

  4. Dr. Simpson on said:

    Its all about the money money this child has been sold to the industry they are the parents now may God have mercy on Will and Jada they were given this gift they chose to give it away.

  5. pac4me on said:

    Art imitates life!!! Nice song but please a 12 yr old – holding hands, hugging & sitting close to a boy – Naw, not now – then some of the lyrics – do it anyway!!! do what? hmmm too much for a 12 year old to be thinking about

  6. Sean on said:

    This wouldn’t be up for discussion if the parents weren’t Will and Jada.
    We have kids who know every lyric to Lil Wayne songs but can’t recite their ABC’s…..smh

    • Serpentine on said:

      Whether it’s Will and Jada’s children or Mary and John’s children down the street…yes, this would still be an issue. A 12 year old has no business frolicking through the pastures with kids way beyond their age, singing about summer flings. She’s 12 years old, not 17, and should be treated as such. Like one poster said…look at Michael Jackson. The man without a childhood and we know where that got him.

  7. Soulstice on said:

    I completely agree with the comments posted. What happened the traditional rights of passage? Why is she hanging with girls who obviously aren’t her age ?-hence the girls with the tattoos . Summer fling huh? Where are the adults at this pool party? There up past midnight ? What ? Wouldn’t be surprised to see her in a porn some day these Hollywood kids and there parents got it all twisted

    • Toni on said:

      PORN….why would you ever say something so harsh…. 1st let’s be real here Its a darn vide (hence make believe). 2nd we all have hung out out with kids older than us, family members or our parents children and not all was born at the same time. When I throw pool parties at my home for the youngins I give them space to socialize with their peers. Everything doesn’t have to be so dang awful

  8. A 12yr old singing about laying on the beach with a boy? I…. wish…. I…. would! catch my daughter laying anywhere with some boy. I’d take a seashell to both their heads! She should be singing about 12yr old stuff. That’s why so many of our lil’ girls grow up too fast and are having babies at such a young age bc being popular and being with boys are sensationalized on TV and in the media. Be a kid and do kid stuff bc you will never get it back. Look what it did to Michael Jackson…….

  9. Serpentine on said:

    Cute song, but she looks out of place. Like the Sesame Street song…”One of these things just doesn’t belong here…”

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