Venita Short (pictured), a Cumberland County, Ga., preschool worker, is reportedly distraught, after she was allegedly fired for being pregnant and unmarried, according to ABC11.

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After reportedly being employed for more than a year and a half at the New Life Baptist Daycare and Preschool in Fayetteville, receiving three pay raises, and loads of pats on the back for a job well done from the facility’s higher-ups, Short was reportedly floored by the administrator’s reactions to her  out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

On hearing the news, Short was allegedly reminded by an unnamed administrator that fornication is a sin. She was then reportedly asked whether she planned on marrying, “I told her I plan to get married one day, but not because I’m pregnant,”  Short told ABC11.

One week after being questioned about her pregnancy, Short said she was let go because she was unwed and expecting.

“They told me I was fired because I am pregnant and I am not married,” Short told ABC11.

Watch Short tell her story here:

Now the Mom-to-be reportedly plans on hiring a lawyer in order to work out the issue in a court of law.

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5 thoughts on “Say What? Daycare Worker Fired For Being Unmarried And Pregnant!

  1. alltheway on said:

    Wow another reason why unwed pregnant girls stop going to church, can not trust the church, and have no LOVE from the church. How many young men, boys have they let go because he was the father of a pregnant girl at the church… pastors son, deacons son, we all sin and come short. wow. GOD is not pleased!

  2. Truth be told! on said:

    it’s not right but it is their right. one man fired his aistant b/c she was too sexy saying she was a threat to his mariage b/c of temptation. she filed a suit but it was dismissed. it was his business & right they said. I said wowwww!

  3. Stephanie on said:

    Those hypocritical church folks, remember when you live in a glass house, you should not throw stones. Girl get you a good lawyer.

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