Yes, it’s the ladies turn this week. We need your vote again to choose the greatest female R&B singer of all time. Is it Gladys, Patti, Aretha, Whitney, Chaka, Beyonce? You tell us. These talented ladies all deserve your vote but only one can be on top. They’ve sold millions of records, been responsible for easing millions of heartbreaks, helped people make babies and get married and provided the soundtrack for numerous barbeques, graduations and celebrations. So let’s give them their just due, and cast your vote for #1!

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57 thoughts on “Who Is The Greatest R&B Female Artist of All Time? Vote Here!

    • joey on said:

      Does anyone remember the 1977 Album of the THe Emotions, Produced By Maurice white, of Earth wind & Fire,,,

      The Emotions Album and I have to say the Teddy Pendergrass Album was the bomb,,

      Beyonce I should have never be put on the List,, she is more pop,, not R&B,,

      Chaka Khan’s Album from Sweet thang! to the single Song THROUGH THE FIRE,,

      I just have to say I still listen to THE EMOTIONS ALBUM,, ITs just Heavenly ,,,

  1. I would have to say first of all I grew up listening to Whitney Houston hands down she is the best R&B Singer of all Time. Tom Joyner should have made two Categories best R&B Female Singer of the past Decade. Best R&B female Singer of the 90’s. to start off Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin they are the original R&B female Singers of all time. Angela Winbush, Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Chery Lynn, all of these divas can sing their ass off especially Stephanie. now the best R&B Female Singers of the 90’s are Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Monifah, Chante Moore, Faith Evans, Kelly price, Deborah Cox, Tamia, Angie Stone.

  2. I love all of the ladies on the list but the true test is the test of time. When grandma and grandpa rock to same song as the grandkids you know it has to be Aretha , Diana

  3. Willie Z. Patillo on said:

    Even tho I love all of these DIVAS, Whitney is the greastest of all times! There will never be another. I think miss Amber from this year’s American Idol may come close when she gets out there. Love you WHITNEY!!!!

  4. I love me some Aretha and Whitney but GLADYS wins it hands down. I, too, would like to know why Beyonce was in this category. She’s a beast in her own field, however, she’s a baby under these giants.

  5. carleton on said:

    All are great, but going by record sells and breaking records, you have to add Mariah Carey and then compare her to Whitney… Leaving out Mariah says volumes…

  6. Glinda on said:

    I gotta go with Gladys and then Phyllis. I’m not an Aretha fan at all. But, how did Beyonce make the list but not Mary J? At least Mary is R&B

  7. B Lamont on said:

    Ummmmm where’s Janet…she has more entries on the R&B chart than any of these ladies. No disrespect and I know Janet is often looked at as Pop but she’s very R&B too. Start over Grio!!

    • well Janet Jackson she is one of the biggest pop Superstars in the world. but that does not mean she one of the best R&B female Singer of all time. Janet has sold million million of records worldwide. she can’t sing like Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston. I don’t understand why beyonce is even on the list I have all of her albums I don’t think Beyonce is the best R&B singer of all Time. lastly, people think Gladys Knight can sing I don’t think she can that’s my opinion.

  8. John on said:

    The Greatest R&B Female Artist of All Times, no question is Aretha Franklin, #2 Gladys Knight and #3 Patti LaBelle.

  9. Darrin Champagne on said:

    I don’t see how Sade was left off of GR&BFS list. Lose Beyonce cuz she rarely does R&B. I chose Anita cuz she writes also, just as Sade, so dey are my tie, but Aretha, Gladys & Patti are truly R&B

  10. dottie on said:

    For history its aretha franklin first, then it’s a tie between patti labelle and gladys knight, then chaka kahn.

  11. joey on said:

    Well I grow up on Glady’s Knight and the pips, and then she went solo, I remember the first album that Natalie cole made. and Chaka khan when she was with Rufus, so I have to say there are a few

    I love all the ladies Aretha was somewhat of what was the queen of soul and that rings true today,
    but Chaka khan and Glady’s Knight are my favorite far as R&B, but why do they have beyouce in this catorgory she is Not R&B she is more pop? big question. Whitney houston was truly what we called the voice. she was one of my favorites, because she could sing anything. billie holiday was one of my favorites when you listen to the original recordings. Nancy wilson I still listen to her today. so there are many who are deserving of this.

      • joey on said:

        @ tyrone well I was not trying to put her down or anything, I mean I have to say I’m not a big bey

        fan, but she is not R&B lets get real, now. she is from a different era, we cannot put her in the same catorgory with these ladies, when they ask us this question there talking about different times and era’s so we have to make sure we are getting it right, because you know how the media is,, they get it wrong a lot of times…. thanks for your support tyrone. have a blessed day!!

  12. Bernadette Goforth on said:

    Like a lot of them but Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Sarah Vaughn and Diana Washington are off the list. If Ella was on there she would be my choice.

  13. Arminta on said:

    This list is of modern female singers which does not make them the greatest of all time – where’s Sara Vaugh, Dianah Washington, Della Reese, Nancy Wilson, Meriam Makeba, Nina Simone, and a whole lot of others.

  14. Bubba on said:

    DENIECE WILLIAMS [I’m So Proud”; “It’s Gonna Take A Miracle”] should be INCLUDED as one of the Greatest Female R&B Artist of All Times.

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