On the latest episode of “R&B Divas” the drama with the divas reached new heights! After an emotional performance last week, you would think the ladies could come together, put their differences aside and realize that life was too short for all the arguing and bickering, right? Wrong! Their ring leader, Faith Evans, was leaving them to go back to L.A to be with her children and with Faith gone, the girls wondered who would keep the peace around Atlanta? Meanwhile, Syleena and Nicci were still at each others necks while Monifah and Angie attempt to bring the girls together AGAIN for more tour talk. Will they ever get the tour off the ground? Find out what happened below.

Angie Stone “Replaces” Faith Evans

TABLEFaith Evans’ whole family was living in Los Angeles so it was tough on her to live in Atlanta with the divas while her children were across the country. She decided that the best thing for her to do was leave the girls in Atlanta and be with her teenagers in California. Of course, this was tough on all of the ladies, including Faith, but she knew her children are her top priority. Of course, the ladies had a farewell dinner for Faith which was very emotional for everyone in the room.

Since Faith took on the “mother” role in the group, they wondered who would be the one to keep the peace now! That’s where Ms. Angie Stone stepped in and assumed Faith’s position. Since Angie was the oldest and most “seasoned” in the music business, it only made sense that she should take on the role as the group’s leader however, with her history of starting arguments and talking down on the other girls, I’m not sure how long it will be until there is more trouble in paradise.

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One thought on “Angie Stone Takes Over As The Group’s ‘Leader’ When Faith Leaves ‘R&B Divas’ [RECAP]

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