Syleena’s Work-out DVD

WORKOUTSyleena and Nicci were back at each others throats again, this time over Syleena’s workout video. Nicci refused to sign the release form that would allow her appearance in Syleena’s video and Syleena couldn’t release the video without Nicci’s signature! Syleena was furious! Not only was Nicci holding up the release date of the work out video but she was also messing with Syleena’s money. Syleena met with her lawyer to figure out her options and realized that she was out of luck without Nicci’s signature. Her only option would be to either re-shoot the video without Nicci or try to edit Nicci out of the video all together!

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One thought on “Angie Stone Takes Over As The Group’s ‘Leader’ When Faith Leaves ‘R&B Divas’ [RECAP]

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