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With all the news of comings and goings at “The View” lately, Sherri Shepherd dropped another bombshell announcement on The Tom Joyner Morning Show today. Not only is the 46-year-old talk show host/comedian/author releasing a wig line and doing a comedy special, she’s also having a baby. Just not quite the old-fashioned way. She and hubby Lamar Sally are using a surrogate to have a child together as soon as possible.

“We found a drama-free uterus,” Shepherd told Tom and Sybil. “We found a girl that didn’t have any drama in her life. We’re putting in our  egg and Sal’s sperm and we’ll let you know how it progresses.”

Aside from that, Shepherd is keeping busy with other endeavors. Her book “Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes” was just released and she has a new wig line LUXHAIRNOW by Sherri Shepherd coming to QVC on June 13.

“I’m doing everything. I’m like a Jamaican. I wear wigs all the time. If I don’t come off “lhe View” with a bra line and a wig line, something is wrong.

“I love wigs. We have so much to to do. We’ve go to the gym. We’ve got to run around. We’ve got to do this and that. We don’t have time to sit at the beauty shop from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock any more. Nobody does. So wigs are a great accessory. You can change your hair up. My husband gets to sleep with a different woman every night.”

The synthetic hair wigs come in 12 styles and 18 different colors and range from $69.99 to $99.99. Shepherd says they can be used with heat and that because hers take so much abuse from styling on the view, she can endorse their quality.

Shepherd will appear with them on QVC on June 13 and says the wigs will be discounted during her appearance.

If all those projects weren’t enough, Shepherd’s standup comedy special,”It’s My Time to Talk,” will air on the Epix Network on June 21.

(Photo: Retna)