webcamThis gives new meaning to the term ‘if you go looking for something, you just might find it.’ A man attempting to catch a ghost sighting on his webcam got the shock of his life when he learned that his live-in lover was sleeping with his son reports

The man’s 16 year-old son was caught kissing his 28-year-old step-mom who seduced him and it was all caught on video.The Australian man confronted his 28-year-old partner who tried to downplay the incident, but his son confessed to having sex with her multiple times.

It turns out this was not the first time the two had been getting it in, they also had sex several times in a hotel room.

The father called the cops, who then questioned his partner, who admitted to having sex with the boy and knowing he was 16. The woman has reportedly pleaded guilty to five counts of having sexual intercourse with a young person, and will be sentenced next week.

But it doesn’t end here, she claims she is attempting to patch thing up with her partner, with whom she shares a small child.

Trying to patch things up, is she? How do you repair the trust in this relationship?

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