Towanda Gets Mad At Trina


As we know, Trina was serious about taking the next step in her career and with that meant relocating to Los Angeles. She knew that being in California would help her get more shows and opportunities to perform, and as a bonus she could also be closer to her son who was planning to go to college in L.A. The only person who wasn’t excited about Trina’s move was her sister Towanda.

She was pissed couldn’t believe that her whole family was leaving her in Atlanta. First Toni, then Tamar, then Mommy and now Trina! Trina wasn’t happy that Towanda was sad, but she was happy that Towanda was sad. It made her realize how strong their bond was as sisters and made Trina happy that Towanda cared about being close to her. Aww! Trina tried to convince Towanda to pack up and move to California also but Towanda wasn’t trying to hear it unless the move came with a multimillion dollar job! Can’t say that I don’t blame her!

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