Traci Forgets The Choreography, Again


When it was finally time for Trina’s performance at Toni’s showcase, she was super nervous and especially worried that her backup singers–Towanda and Traci–would forget the lyrics and the choreography. She knew that Toni wanted everything to be perfect especially after she told Traci that she couldn’t perform her new single because they just weren’t quite ready yet. When the time came for Trina to hit the stage to perform “Party Or Go Home”, she nailed it. Traci, not so much. Typical Traci forgot the choreography again but made sure to hit a couple of twirls, snaps and leg kicks to make up for it.

Although Traci forgot the dance steps, the girls still had a blast performing in front of such a large crowd and Toni couldn’t be more proud of her little sisters – although she thought the performance could have been a tad bit better.

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