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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.

The Internet was all abuzz this weekend after TMZ aired video of Kanye West walking into a street sign and banging his head.  And he banged it hard too.  It’s like Kanye was Evelyn Lazata and the street sign was Ocho Cinco.  And now his head is all swoll up.  Y’all know.  But one thing Kanye West did not need was a bigger head.


OJ Simpson has requested a new trial.  OJ is currently serving a prison sentence for armed robbery.  And he says he wants a new trial because his lawyers botched the first trial.  How come OJ didn’t complain about incompetent lawyers and botched trials when it was Marsha Clark and Chris Darden doing it?

Ray J is speaking out against all the recent claims of sexual abuse against the late great Michael Jackson.  Ray J says that he used to hang out with MJ all the time when he was a kid and Mike never, ever acted inappropriately.  And that’s good to hear because none of us want to hear Ray J say that Michael Jackson hit it first.