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ROME (AP) – A teenager died while playing a game of chicken with a freight train early Sunday, police said.

Malik Cortez Johnson, 17, of Rome was playing on train tracks with five or six friends who were lying on the tracks and daring each other to jump off at the last minute as a train approached.

Authorities said all the youth got off the tracks except Johnson, who was killed.

“He waited too late it and it kind of sucked him back in,” said police Lt. John Walters.

Police did not believe anyone on the Norfolk Southern train did anything improperly, and Walters said the youth’s parents were both at work and did not know what he was doing. No charges were filed.

Johnson was a student at Rome Middle School.

Walters said there are plenty of videos on the Internet showing teens playing chicken with trains, but he said he was unsure sure why the Rome teens decided to play on the tracks.

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16 thoughts on “GA Teen Killed Playing Chicken with Train

  1. R.I.P Malik. ♡ on said:

    You know. Youre one sorry person. He didn’t deserve this. No one deserves death . He was one of the funniest and most amazing people I knew. So listen , before you speak please just get your facts straight. You’re obviously too scared to tell who you are. Ha. I love you Malik. ♡

  2. Carrie Adams on said:

    He is not slow he is just a kid. All kids make mistakes. He was a good kid and he went to centre school with me! I will miss him alot!! And there is alot of kids here that will miss him. (People are just rude these days He is not stupid either).. R.I.P malik you will be missed Fly High! I love and miss you! I mean everyone cant say that they havent done something stupid in there life.. Because i have an im very lucky to be here today. But that dont mean you can call someone stupid or slow. what if that would of been you or your son i dont think you would want someone to call you or him stupid or slow huh? dought it.. Love you malik!

  3. destinie cobb on said:

    yall need to stop saying bad stuff about him becaus he was a really good kid. he made good grades and he was really funny. and yall dont even know him so stop saying bad stuff about him.

  4. magen rich on said:

    this is a kid from center middle school malik was one of the best freinds that any body could have as a freind he aways had good manners and other stuffaways made good grades so malik hope you find a better place in haven RIp malik

    • hahayuarbjakasdku on said:

      for one he not stupid he was very smart and funny so how would yhu feel if yhu lost your son on mothers day? not so good would yhu. so shut up and get a life ho*

  5. Tami on said:

    17 in middle school? Either he was slow, or hard headed. I feel sorry for the parents of these children because kids don’t realize how much parents suffer when they do stupid things like this.

    • deundre betton on said:

      he not slow maybe you are for talking about somebody who died for one dont act like your never acted slow slow in life not ever one perfect

      • Tami on said:

        I hate that this happened to this kid, but I will repeat that something was missing mentally. What does his ability to smile or make someone laugh have to do with that. Also, if the kids who have commented on here represent his friend base with the incorrect grammar, poor sentence structure, and cursing my point has been proven. Be blessed.

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