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The family of Emmett Till is not letting Lil Wayne off the hook after spitting an offensive line about the slain teenager. The rapper is featured in a new Mountain Dew ad, but the family wants him completely dropped.

Wayne has been targeted by the family over his verse on Future‘s “Karate Chop” remix. On the song, Weezy threatens to “Beat the p—y up like Emmett Till,” referencing the fatal attack on Till.

Wayne actually never apologized for the line, but Future’s label, Epic Records, did issue an apology and edited the song. However it still leaked and can be sporadically heard around the country.

As a result, the family wants the rapper’s pockets to suffer.

“His lyrical indiscretions revived Emmett’s spirit simply to murder him again by trivializing the importance of those who have sacrificed, struggled and died for our equality,” a family member said in a video posted online.

Addressing Wayne specifically, she said, “I think that it’s important that our children see you take a stance to right this wrong.”

“It’s just mind boggling. It really makes me want to cry,” echoed Pastor Wheeler Parker Jr., a cousin who witnessed Till’s murder.

The 14-year-old Emmett Till was beat and tortured to death. His murder was considered a historic moment during the Civil Rights Movement.

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