Hank Baskett, the shamed football player who fumbled it all away at the 2010 Super Bowl, recently got sued.

Yes, it’s not pretty. A few business investors went after him because his gym line, Performance Gaines, was wack and didn’t sell.

“The guys behind the lawsuit — Jory Wolf and Nicholas Lorenz — claim they dumped six figures into the project before Baskett’s name was even attached to it … and got left high and dry with nothing to show for it, says TMZ.

Wolf and Lorenz are pointing the finger primarily at Gaines, claiming Gaines tricked them into investing their money by promising a 40% share in the “Performance Gaines” business … and then yanked the rug from underneath them, giving away their shares to other partners; one of whom was Baskett.

The plaintiffs are suing for unspecified damages.

No word yet from Baskett.

One thought on “Former NFL Star Hank Baskett Sued for Faulty Investment

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