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NeNe Leakes called her estranged sisters her “half sisters” on the recent “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show and turns out they didn’t like that very much.

According to Bossip, the ladies took to Facebook to voice their opinions, where they called NeNe a “dirty sister.”

If you watched the season five reunion, then you saw the heated exchange between NeNe and Phaedra Parks. We thought the co-stars had found a peaceable place in their relationship, however NeNe let Phaedra know that she hasn’t forgiven her for her actions on the show’s third season.

Apparently, “The New Normal” actress is upset that Phaedra contacted her sisters and invited them to her son’s first birthday party. We don’t know all the details but it appears that NeNe believes Phaedra only contacted her sisters in an “evil plot” to dig up dirt from her past — even though they all grew up together in Athens, Georgia.

However, if you check out the messages below, it appears that NeNe and her sisters have issues of their own and Phaedra is just an external factor, something like NeNe’s scapegoat. We can’t wait the show’s sixth season, hopefully all of this mess will get cleared up in the upcoming episodes.

Until then, check out what the sister’s had to say on Facebook below and tell us what you think!

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis

Its funny how you and your sister have the same MOTHER and she’s on tv calling you her half sister!!!! Now that’s Dirty!! @neneleakes

Agather Hepburn

Lol really dirty sister!!!!

Claudine Colthirst

SMH! I remember ur mom and mine (plain as it was yesterday) telling us about all ur siblings and about kamy and I. They said and I quote. You all came from the same place ME. Your sister’s no damn half-sisters. I kinda cleaned it up cause u know our moms mouth. But that basically it.

Val Carter

Oh and dont forget the quote U THINK THEY DONT WANNA BE IN MY LIFE…… WOW.

Kendle Kenya Sparks Davis

And now everybody wants a interview !!! They want to know why we haven’t talk in 8 years. I know she don’t want the truth to come out SMH!!!

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22 thoughts on “Family Feud: NeNe Leakes’ Sisters Trash Her On Facebook After RHOA Reunion

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  3. FIFTY AND PHUNE on said:

    She got on a radio show in Atlanta and bashed them and said that they aren’t invited to the wedding. YAWNNNNN. Ain’t nobody trying to see a wedding to see BigFoot kiss Father Time.

  4. Haylee on said:

    The sisters commented because they want to be seen and make some money to who cares what dirty you spill I am still Team NENE

  5. Linda See on said:

    Let’s reiterate, if you DON’T have the same TWO parents you are half siblings. I have four siblings by the same parents. My parents divorced and my dad remarried. Fortunately, for us, she was a lovely person and

  6. Why the hell do people have jobs proof-reading if they don’t proof read???? “We can’t wait the show’s sixth season”??? I need a job proof-reading because NOBODY does it and everything I read has errors.

  7. He mom must have said the same as mine about me and my siblings (extranged for over 20 years and like it that way) as long as you all came the same ‘hole’ you are nothing but WHOLE sisters—period…and if the sisters had been extranged from Nene that long one would wonder—–why show up now? Nene done owe no one but God………

  8. @Tami: Give her credit, pray that God guides her, and stop tearing people down? Are you kidding me, she put herself and all of her personal life on this show…God didn’t have anything to do with this, if her background is what it is then this is what she gets, Criticism, Ignorance, loud, she is not a good mother at all…this show is all in the name of the all mighty “Dollar”…that’s it, that’s all. I don’t not feel sorry for any of is all born out of ignorance and greed…. If God is gonna guide her, then I think she needs a new occupation…! I’m just saying!

    • Who doesn’t go to work for the “almighty dollar” ? I don’t get up everyday at 5 a.m. and drag my babies out of bed for free.

      • Tami: U and I both get up and go to work, but, our lives are not shown on a “Reality Show”. (that we would have had to agree with) this is all her “Fault”..if she wanted privacy, she should have stayed on the “Pole” dancing for dollars”! But, I am thru with all of this “Ignorant” converstaion from U ghetto sounding, ignorant comments. Most of U can’t even hold a decent conversation!

      • “I am thru with all of this “Ignorant” converstaion from U ghetto sounding, ignorant comments. Most of U can’t even hold a decent conversation!”
        Well, I guess you told us. That was eloquently put. Be blessed!

  9. Im sorry but it doesn’t matter if you have a different mom or dad they are still considered your half brother or sister. I know a lot of people just feel closer to their siblings when they have the same mom but its no difference biologically. It is still your half sibling!

    • Linda on said:

      Agree Leah; if you don’t have the same mother and father, you’re half and if you’re not raised together, then it’s esp hard to say my sister, my brother……. I don’t think Nene was wrong and she did say right, we all have a past. I don’t think whatever will come out is going to end her career, she’s established. The sister were wrong for putting their family business out there with hints of dropping bombs. I certainly won’t care one way or the other.

    • MrsEllis on said:

      Exactly, Leah. Hopefully, someone tweets her back with the definition of “half-sister.” Or better yet, hopefully, she takes a minute to look it up in the dictionary for herself. NeNe called her “half-sister” because that’s exactly what she is. I have half-brothers, but we never referred to ourselves as such and I honestly did not know it until we were almost 18 yrs old. It doesn’t matter because they are just my brothers. 😉

  10. I wouldn’t care if the truth came out. Every family has some type of secret, or drama. Hers is no more interesting. I don’t think people watch the show for that. I also, don’t think she meant them harm by her comments. Why they would insinuate that there is something to expose that they wouldn’t mind exposing is what is questionable and shady to me. She said on the show that everyone has a past or dirt and that she didn’t go digging in Phaedra’s past to hurt her and she couldn’t understand why Phaedra would try to dig into her background so easily. I wouldn’t even want anyone to know my mama had children by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. The sisters shouldn’t have put that on Facebook, or anywhere else. From how they are acting and the little that they have revealed, it sounds like NeNe has made the best out of the life she was dealt and doing the best she can. Let that dog rest.

    Also, for the person that is going to talk about how she looks and how she’s loud, Again, I say, it sounds like she is doing the best she can and has made something out of what wasn’t much to begin with. Give her credit, pray that God guides her, and stop tearing people down.

    • I have aquestion, why do people like to attack women that have had children with more than one man? So is a woman’s life’s plan or dreams of having a family suppose to end because the first man died, left or she left him? Shit happens in life. People die or relationships don’t work out for whatever reasons, not every woman is running around just freely sleeping with all kinds of men in an attempt to get pregnant. Like it or not your mother had some Tom, Dick and Harry in her life as well. She may not have concieved but trust and believe there are VER few people on this earth that have been with only oenpartner their whole life. Even you!

      • Well, Wildflower, I don’t know how many people my mom has “been” with, as you put it, because we never had low-down conversations of this sort. Also, she could have been with hundreds. It still wouldn’t make it right and I definitely would not be screaming it from the rafters. My mom was my mom, not my home girl and kept our conversations on that level, and therefore; I am able to hold her in very high regard. Every family needs standards. You shoot for the moon even though you may land on a philosophical star with the outcome. It is when you don’t have a moral compass, or standard that you usually end up upset by comments about women having babies by everyone that has ever taken them to get a two piece and a pair of tennis shoes. Yes, things happen, but do you have to keep bumping your head because “life goes on?” Yes, women have relationships that don’t work out, get divorced, or are widowed. Are you saying that because “!%$& happens” you have to have a baby by every guy you have been in a relationship with since your were 16, or if you get married to three different men you have to have a baby by each one? (one of these dudes should understand that you have already had your children.) What I do “trust and believe” is that children are the ones who come out on the losing end when grown people are sloppy. I for one , wanted my children to look alike, not have several different last names, and not feel left out because “one daddy came to get them for the weekend, one is with grandma in Louisiana, and the other two are big enough to watch themselves, so I don’t really need their dads to come by anyway and who cares if they are in jail.” STANDARDS are free….get some…I’m just saying.

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