Dominique is team Beyonce all the way! She sees no problem with Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down” and she wants Keyshia Cole and anyone else who might not like the song to know that they should go “bow down” somewhere.

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6 thoughts on “‘Bow Down’ Keyshia Cole!

  1. lyleen on said:

    I too agree that she sounded so ignorant in her beyonce defense/ Keyshia Cole attack, I didn’t see the comedy in it. Keyshia Cole has applauded/supported Beyonce many times and I think Keyshia even kept applauding beyonce after it was revealed that beyonce’s Billboard performance was a deceitful performance. To speak out at Keyshia as if she is bitter or as if she is an incapable artist was ignorant. Keyshia doesn’t “need to get her weight up or “replace” beyonce to be able to state her opinion. Keyshia didn’t steal the song; it was released to the public for the purpose of getting a response/reaction/feedback/review. Because she’s in the same industry she doesn’t have a right to state her opinion? So did jay-z have a right to state his negative opinion about auto-tune? Did he have a right to try and get the public to hate auto-tune by making negative remarks about it? Jay-z negatively rains on other artist parade all the time for no good reason but that’s all good, Keyshia speaks the truth and she’s attacked and not just by beyonce fans but by other entertainers, what? Keyshia doesn’t need to get her weight up, she’s doing all she can do to succeed, she has good meaningful relationship songs, good enough that she was compared to Mary J, she’s even sharing her life on tv, the reason she’s not as successful as beyonce isn’t because of lack of talent or effort she just doesn’t have the connections and that’s a lot of artists struggle, the connections. Even Jamie Foxx spoke up about it being hard to get your music out, so to come at Keyshia as if she isn’t making the effort and needs to bow down to the better artist was ignorant. Beyonce’s daddy secured her place in Hollywood; she doesn’t really have to make much of an effort, hence the repetitive stage performances and music content. And beyonce never took a month off let alone a year. Beyonce was popping up on stage with Alicia Keys and Jay-z and letting Solange direct independent videos for her and releasing multiple videos she claims she filmed before her “baby bump” developed.

    • Lyleen I have to say well written and well said, and there is a lot of differences, between keyshia cole
      and bey, bey was not raised the way keyshia was, she has had a tough life. beyonce was raised middle class, and didn’t have the stress and strife that keyshia has faced, so I didn’t see that it was funny on the Tom Joyner morning show. I didn’t find it to be funny at all, she sounded so ghetto and Ignorant. and someone who evidently has no respect for any of us women of color who are trying to do great things out here, Like Halle Berry. Or Sherly lee Ralph. there is something about bey that I just cannot put my finger on.

    • yes stuart I agree, but I wish they would spend more time bowing down to Our Lord and savior as they do in these crazy songs, they spend to much time bowing down to these celebs, and not to Our GOD/ rather it be him/or her. that is what they need to be doing. considering we are in the End times, that is what they need to be doing.we spend to much time bowing down to the wrong Person, because GOd has no respect for persons. and making fun of these songs, and laughing and playing games with our children’s minds and making them believe that this is Okay just baffles me. Just my opinion. Praise GOd that I know him/or her personally I don’t excited over these songs and this culture of young people who are not paying attention. GOD said there will be a generation that will not KNOW ME. and here it is today. GOD BLESS YOU!

  2. she sounded so ignorant on The Tom Joyner morning show, she sound so ignorant, bow down, to what beyonce is not GOd, but she believe she is a GOD. so No I did not laugh, its not funny for her to talk about keyshia cole, Just so ignorant. and not very funny to me.

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