This might make me sound like I’m a suck up but I’m fine with all the cabinet appointments the president has made so far.  It’s not to say that I wouldn’t be glad to see him name some black members to his cabinet. Nor am I saying the most qualified members are not African Americans.

But what I am saying is that the president knows better than any of us the mess this country is in and I believe he has a strategy for getting us out of it.

I’m just a D.J., but could it be that he’s thinking “white people got us into this and white people can get us out?” (My words, not his). It’s kind of like

playing the race card in reverse.  How many times have we seen major corporations and mainstream universities turn to a black man or woman when

things got their worst?

We’re in a financial sink hole, the result of the 2008 collapse of huge institutions like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, bad

banking schemes and crazy home loan scams…events that disproportionately hurt middle class and poor people.  If your house wasn’t foreclosed during this time, there’s a good chance that you’re probably upside down or underwater in the one you’re in now and probably the car you’re driving as well.

The president, it seems to me, is assembling a group of people who know where the bones are buried because this thing is nothing to play with and is going to take a lot of work to overcome.

A wise man once said, “if your house is burning down, who cares who helps you put the fire out.” Right now, things are figuratively being burnt to the ground in the U.S. and if the experts he sees fit to get the job done happen not to be black, I’m good with that; as long as it’s the right set of people who will get this country back on track.

You know how I feel about black people.  But which is more important, having a diverse cabinet or getting us out of the hole, over the fiscal cliff and beyond sequestration?

For those who disagree and are critics of the president’s decisions, I say he is showing his love to black people in all kinds of ways that have an impact on our lives…gun control, education spending, etc.  He’s in the battle of his life right now partially because he wants to ensure that entitlement programs like

Head Start can still exist.

Once again, I say if you voted for him, you believed in him and his ability to run this country.  Now let him run it.

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53 thoughts on “Playing the Race Card-In Reverse

  1. T. R. on said:

    I thought it was very strange as far back as I can remember you talking about gays in Atlanta and took me a good while to figure out that you single handedly were trying to instigate gay aka (DOWN LOWS) black men to all migrate the Atlanta. Why the hate on Atlanta? Did someone not give a job back in the day and you hate on Atlanta that. Well, thanks to you, there is a lot down lows in the Atlanta metropolitan area getting with women and leading a double lives. When are you going to start doing your part in helping BLACK WOMAN wake up and smell the coffee. We are making up more than 50% of all new HIV cases because of these down lows and “HOW WE ARE” because of men like you WAKE UP BLACK WOMAN, WAKE UP! If you check out Craigslist, the MEN 4 Men section in Hotlanta, you will see that almost all of them say they are straight or married, however, they are looking for a man for sex. Ladies beware, check out Craigslist and keep eyes open for the obvious signs. How we are is the mains reason you are missing the obvious signs and being stupid for them and against another black woman. Mr. T. J. has single handedly made Atlanta the gay capital of the South. I have nothing against gays, I have a lot against a down low who uses black women as facade so their friends and family do not find out about their true desires. They do not get HIV as fast as they can pass it along. And how jealous these men are of us, some of them will do it on purpose. Mr. T. J. has single handedly instigated of the great migration of down lows to Atlanta. Ladies wake up, they won’t tell you to look out for you, wake up! Treat other black women the way our black men treat any women other than a black one. Wake up my sistahs, wake up! That is the race card black on black crime. The men against the women, the women against the women. Them and us and everyone knows that the thems’ are the ones white men like. Separatism, wake up!

    • T.R., What are you implying? Are you saying that the TJMS folks actually “made” Atlanta the gay place for Black men just by mentioning it on the radio?
      I am sorry, but I am a tad slow.

  2. Yawn. Did you forget?

    White people got Obama in. Obama is half white.

    He has done nothing different for this country because he does not like America, nor poor people of any race. Everyone is ignoring all the issues, just as they ignored Obama hanging out with America haters before he was elected. He has practically paved the way for the Middle East to take over.

    EVERYONE is going down, including blacks and whites.

  3. stop whining on said:

    Black folks need to man and woman up today and take care of themselves instead of expect the man to take care of us. What has Coach, Nike, Louis Vitton, etc done for us .. nothing!

    How about investing in education within our household? How about teaching out children from birth to aspire to be something great in our communities? How about raising future doctors, Attorneys, teachers, inventors, etc; instead of entertainers and sports professional.

    I am so try of the stupid hip-hop / rap songs, black boys who never grow up to respect themselves or anyone else. How is a person can come from a third world country and achieve greatness in America? But we are stuck on stupid blaming everyone for our sorry state except us.

    Why are they so many of us in public housing that cannot read, write or hold down a basic job? Why are they so many of us in jail? Why do we believe in the no snitch rule? Until it is your love one has been killed or you have been robbed.

    Before desegregation we had our own everything, now we just sit and beg.

    • you are full of shit, whining I cannot believe you actually think that all black people are whining,
      man up well remember Tom Joyner is apart of an elite group and he does not really give a damm about young black going to prison, please tell me who the whiner is, we are the baddest race on this earth but everything we ever had was stolen from us. you better recognize. we are a rich nation, and have always been We are An Enriched people. so don’t tell me I’m a whiner I have never trusted man to do anything for me or my family. Yes Our black men our locked up. but what are doing to change that, NOTHING!, we have had great leaders, and they didn’t whine but today is a different day black men lost respect for themselves. and there women. so lets not get it twisted.

  4. President Obama is facing MUCH opposition from non-Blacks in his own Party as well as those outside his Party. If he cannot get some of the non-Blacks to work with him, how hard is it going to be for the Black person that he appoints to work with the opposing Party? I can only imagine that it will not get any better; just ask Lisa Jackson, former head of the EPA who resigned due to problems with the Republican/Tea Party.
    I do not know precisely what President Obama is going through in trying to find viable Black African Americans to fill his cabinet, but I can only imagine how hard it might be. I want to believe that with a wife such as Michelle, President Obama cannot help but constantly embrace his roots; seeking to surround himself by as many Blacks as possible. However, Obama has a MAJOR problem, and it is due to the color of his skin. He cannot help being Black, but some Republicans as well as some Democrats think it is a major problem – for them.
    As an avid voter and political news watcher, I cannot say that Obama is not in touch with his heritage, and I have not witnessed any hints that he has failed to embrace his Blackness, but just the opposite. He embraces us just as well as [embraces] those who are White, Brown, Yellow and Red. Take a look back and note some of our previous presidential candidates and how they embraced their own and ONLY their own.
    It takes time to vet people to be appointed to his cabinet, and while he is fighting racism on BOTH sides of the aisle and trying to help the Nation, people are looking for more Black people within his cabinet. However, what are YOU doing to help him locate those prominent Blacks?
    Obama has another major dilemma besides the color of his skin, and that is time – which he does not have much [of.] He is trying to accomplish as many things as possible and he is running out of time. It takes time to vet each person, and people like New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker, are hard to come by.
    If you are still complaining about the lack of Blacks in his cabinet, do something about it, by writing him and letting him know. Oh and if you have not done anything to improve the life of your community, then you can blame yourself for not seeking help from your local government officials.

  5. Arusa Davis-White on said:

    If, Michael would like to address the comment I made I welcome him to do so via email and if he wishes to speak to me I will give him that infomation to contact me after he emails me.

  6. Arusa Davis-White on said:

    Tom I am on your Blog because I could not find one for Michael Basin and, someone needs to check that man. On today’s show his topic was regarding “Would you date an Exotic Dancer”. His reply was he would if “she was a professional” well, sometimes I do not believe he conducts himself as a “professional”. Especially when he is bashing someone else’s beliefs in according too raising families, people’s professions, and the way people choice to conduct there lives. In response to his dating an exotic dancer “would an exotic dancer date him?” These young ladies may have come upon their professions in unconvential ways wheter they were the victims of circumstances of their lives and sure some do it too achieve higher aspirations in life but, why is not for him to judge. The way he conducted this form of discussion like so many others he has done needs to be checked. My comments do not come from a place of experience in what this profession provides I was raised in an sheltered life and I just do not posses the inhibitions that it takes to do what they do on stage. Michael needs to understand he has a public form and with that comes alot of responsibilities and, in my opinion he does not respect that the way he should and that is unconscionable. He needs to think before he speaks because, something he says can cause irrepatriable damages to someone else
    wheter it be physically or emotionablly and he should ask himself if he wants that on his conscience.

  7. The answers are all very, very simple. Ladies, don’t get pregnant, don’t have sex with a man unless you are married. When you do decide to have kids, make sure they go to school and do their homework. Go to church on Sunday, let Jesus fill your souls with his goodness and his example. Done, all your problems solved. Once you make God the center of your lives, the rest will take care of itself… He will provide. Trust.

  8. Tom I still don’t get you suspending Jay for two weeks. I love your show but it is not the same without him. The show is not as good. I don’t care who you bring in to replace him. I am going to suspend listening to your show for two weeks until Jay come back. I will just listen to Steve Harvey for that time. When Jay join the team again I will be back.

  9. It seems to me that politicians in the past have gone through a necessary process to create diversity within their cabinets. Even Bush elevated two well deserving African Americans. There is absolutely no excuse for Obama’s cabinet not to resemble America. I believe he should recruit the best and brightest, and we all know that African Americans has ALWAYS been apart of that group. So, you can’t say that there are no blacks out there that’s not qualified, able and willing to excel in his cabinet. He’s just not interested in hiring black folks. How amazing is that. People like Tom give Obama too much credit. Obama doesn’t have some secret plan to do anything for anyone but Obama, and his legacy. Obama has gone out of his way to search for women to place on the Supreme Court. Why shouldn’t we expect for him to at least do that much for blacks? Waiting for Obama to promote blacks into the spotlight is like waiting for Tiger Woods to marry a black woman. It’s not likely. Obama seems to be more like the Samuel L. Jackson character, Steven. He is the HNIC and is threaten or just don’t want see any other blacks getting notice. I feel sad for those that keep waiting for him to work some miracle. What you have seen so far is all that you are going to get. The plot doesn’t thicken.

  10. Pastor D. on said:

    “This might make me sound like I’m a suck up…”. Tom! Oh, Tom, this says it all! Your words…you don’t sound like one you are one!!! Clearly you should be on the POTUS PR payroll. You will talk him out of a child molestation rap. I have heard you over the last 5 years ranting against anyone who disagrees with him and now you say, “do nothing for black folks its okay” (most likely in a little girl voice). Man up dude!!! Just man up black America!!! Toting the line has always got us the same thing, NOTHING! Until we are bold enough to stand without compromise, we are never going to be heard. In fact, I’m thinking now we as a people are pretty much of no use to anybody. What do we say to the next white president when we voted 95-98% for someone who didn’t have to do a thing to earn our vote? Please, pour your self a drink and go play some sad song…because that what you are sad!!

  11. Mrs. Doubtfire on said:

    You all make a point: POTUS is dealing with a system that has always been broken due to racism, greed, professional jealousies and self serving politics. What we’re not talking about is what can we do about it? Maybe if more of us had great expectations of change and were willing to make sacrifices today for a better tomorrow, we could finally begin the process of holding ourselves, our counterfeit politicians and each other accountable when we fail to get involved and monitor a united front for jobs and opportunities in the USA. Until we have an agenda and execute a plan, most of us will not survive. Sad but a fact.

    So stop complaining and start evaluating what you want and how you’re going to cooperate to make it possible where you live.

    Tom, you could start a positive movement if you wanted to by getting one of your sponsors to help you archive the issues by priority as a segment with a plan to go after results and follow-up. The media makes a lot of money mentioning the problems without an approach to change because we expect it.

    We need another civil rights movement.

  12. Obama has no reason or incentive to appease Black folk…the majority of us vote Democrat anyways…and what are the alternatives? Another Bush? Or some other right wing nut job? Obama is catering or pandering to the people that he needs to…women & hispanics.

  13. Cortez on said:

    Tom as Much as I have loved you and your show for over 25 years, you are often wrong concerning any political critique of the President, Like you we “African American are proud of having an President who is Black, but all the issues by which you say are gains are not specific to “US” as have immigration, Women’s Right, rights for Gays and Lesbians and issues concerning Isreal, under your analysis we should be satisfied with the Dregs of political gains made by and lead by other groups who have leveraged their political capital, and We “Black People” being the Presidents largest voting blocks don’t get a shout out or an Honorable mention at the table of political pay backs for our support. Tom if the President does nothing specific and make Our issues of Employment, Education and have and invitation at the table for some advantages you and Reverend Sharpton, Steve Harvey have Grandstanded on promoting on behalf of the Presidnet and his recent election, youare going to do more for the Republican party than anyone esle has ever, and you will suffer from the backlash of using your show as a Slave auction block for political Gamesmanship for your own selfaggrandizment and your having a place for yourself at a table in the White House, while the masses will soon discover that they got no direct benefit as other groups have as they will be sold out. When you start to feel the pinch of loss in popularity and the dissatisafied masses point the finger at you my friend, the Tavis and Cornel West would have bettered you and the President on these issues, The effect will be akin to throwing our political weight into a morass. The Presidents election should not just benefit the a few radio Dj’s and Televison personalities that helped the president to get elected.

    • CourageToBeTruthful on said:

      I am always truly amazed when I read these posts, mostly written by people who tend to not have a clue as to how this country works. Presidents don’t legislate! They never have and, likely, never will. Furthermore, because of American exceptionalism and the self-righteousness (remember, “for all have sinned”) of the American people, no one could ever be elected to major offices telling it straight to people. We don’t want to hear it. We’re too busy sleeping with our co-workers and fellow church members while protesting gay marriage; applauding the killing of innocent people abroad while protesting abortion; and balling-out in places like New Orleans and Las Vegas–local and foreign–while pretending to be sooooooo holy! Pu-lease! Sadly, many citizens in the country are too ignorant to realize that we have always been ruled by an autocracy (money, power, big business and special interest). You want to get someting done, affect the discourse with m-o-n-e-y and activism!! Otherwise, this is all useless whining.

      No President, especially President Obama, can do anything of significance without the consensus of the people who pay the bills. How Dr. King and other civil rights leaders were able to affect the change they sought was through the activism of so many people who had had enough. Dr. King had a powerful message, but he also was backed-up by the power of the masses. But where are the masses today? I’ll tell you where: cowering in our so-called middle-class homes/communities; watching non-real reality shows; playing our playstations, XBOX’s and Wii’s; socializing on the internet; cruising in our fastly depreciating cars; profiling in our expensive, but fastly depreciating clothes; among other things. During the civil rights era, many blacks felt like they didn’t have anything else to lose–“If I must die for change, so be it!” Now, because so many of our folk are in nice, plush corporate jobs, we don’t want to rock the boat and upset or dis-ease our bosses, co-workers, neighbors and white “friends” or fellow church members. So, we have left the President out there on his own to fight the battle by himself while we watch with criticism.

      Tavis, Cornel and others bash the President, but where is their agenda? It is being lobbied on Capitol Hill? Are the out trying to raise money to implement something in the community? Have they led any marches or other forms of protest lately? I suspect that their interests are primarily in themselves and their own come-upance — hosting self-promoting forums, book-signings, and other events. And like them, many of the rest of us are doing the same.

      I support President Obama. I don’t agree with everything he says of does (or doesn’t do for that matter), but I understand his limitations. I know that if he had gone to Washington with a “black” agenda, it would have been shot down so fast and he would never get anything done. Right wing pundits and evangelists are hanging on his every word and awaiting any slippage of voice that woulld further arouse the right-wing extremist opposition to him. Check with the Southern Poverty Law Center to see how many new hate groups have sprung up since his election. No, he shouldn’t operate in fear, but he has to be smart. Meanwhile, there is a whole contingent of people waiting to broadcast hand historicize his “Failed Presidency” (probably better stated “Failed Black Presidency’).

      When will WE awaken and realize that our fate as a race of people is in our own hands? How did we get so comfortable that WE won’t fight anymore for what we need? Why can’t we accept the real historical significance of President Obama as what it really is, not as some kind of saviour? I wonder.

      • Cortez on said:

        Since I am a Pre-law student I can say unabashidly that I know a thing or two about how Government works and to adress the silliness of your deliberate overreaching statement have nothing to do with the obvious, is that the President is the Chief Executive, and has the Power of Executive Order, How do Gays, Isreali’s, Our Hispanic brothers get an Honorable mention during the national address, and His largest constituents get NOTHING, Politicas are and alwys have been about back scrathing as a matter of Course and FACT!!! I get tired of you lyncentuous Negroes making excuses as to why the President ignores the97% voting block he got from Black Americans and then are told to enjoy the desparate benefits of others [the aformentione] after rereading your nonsensical christopher Dormer style of writing I’d ask you kindly to comment upon some one else’s replies, you quite frankly are all over the place!

      • this is a defacto government/corporation america practice color of law only which is fraud
        it has been bankrupt since 1933 and has been in corporate status since 1789.

  14. Tom, I could not agree with you more. It has been apparent that the Republicans have an extreme dislike for Black people by the way they have treated the President and the brothers and sisters in his cabinet. Just like he nominated a Republican as his Secretary of Defense, he wanted people that would be more appealing to the narrow minded Republicans to fill the other posts.

  15. I agree 100% w/ u Tom . I support President Obama . I think he knows what he is doing. I love the movie time to kill when Sammuel L Jackson told his lawyer you are the best to save me you are on the other side u don’t know me u don’t come on my side of tow n u look at me and see a black man not a man.that is true w/ our president what more can help but the white man see how they treat our president who is going to help a black man .. President Obama is doing a good job.. he said we have along hard road ahead of us it is going to take all of us for it to work. President Obama can not do it by hisself .he is getting the best it would be nice to see diversity in the cabnet but he is doing what he think is best..

  16. Alberta on said:

    Everyone will need to obtain an ID Card in order to vote..there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.. Obey the law & don’t speak evil of politicians..whether you agree with the law or not. Black people need to stop making a big deal about it..scripture says not to fret over evil…that is if the law is evil..if it isn’t in the eyes of God then people who are against it will be fighting God. So just let it be.

  17. Barbara on said:

    The President’s second term is off to a very disappointing start. His cabinet nominations are not okay! Not fighting for the appointment of Ambassador Susan Rice was just sad. The only thing that made his Supreme Court choices bearable was one is Hispanic and both are women. I have great respect for the President,admiration for his accomplishments and I will continue to try to support him. But… Tom, you are over simplifying these matters and that is a disservice to all.

  18. Sandra on said:

    Well said Tom. I totally agree with you. We are not in President Obama’s head, he mighr have looked at some Blacks for the job and selevted THE best for the job at hand.

  19. Mary J on said:

    Why do we have to give him grief? He gets enough from the GOP. I’m with you Tom. If I am drowning, I don’t care who it is that saves me. I want the best swimmer. Just because someone voted for Barack Obama doesn’t mean he is in bondage to them forever. I am proud to say, I also give him a pass and will continue to do so. Also a proud HBCU Grad.

  20. I completely support Pres. Obama, but that does not mean I give him a pass on issues or policies. I don’t care who the President is, I think his/her cabinet should be as diverse as this country. I knew when Obama got elected black people (like Tom) would give him a pass on just about everything. The problem with giving any politician a pass is that they realize no one is holding them accountable and I think this is why we see so many corrupt politicians these days . . . I’m not going to name names but I could. We can both support Pres. Obama and hold him accountable at the same time, because I will hold the next President accountable for his/her policies and decisions. Unlike some, I will not be a hypocrite and I will hold Obama to this same standard.

  21. Tom, I agree with you. It really doesn’t matter. Most folks are so negative that they can’t see anything good coming out of anything President Obama does. He is the President of the United States and not just the President of one group. Did Kennedy only appoint Irish Catholics? I don’t care if the cabinet is green, as long as someone tackles the immense problems of this country. Being President of this country is a thankless job and any man or woman who wants the job, must be crazy


  22. atl_native on said:

    Sorry Tom, Can’t always give the president a pass on his 2nd term and this is why. If we don’t start giving him some grief – when the next president is elected and we (blacks) start to complaine – the reply will be, You didn’t complain when President Obama was in office. So I support not only you but also Tavis, Cornell West, and a few others because – when that reply comes during the next election – I can say – oh yes we did complain – the main stream media didn’t listen 🙂

  23. omg… if Romney had been elected and picked an entirely white cabinet your tune would be drastically different… Obama does not care one iota about black people. Blacks are the democratic voting stock and nothing more. He throws out a bone every once in a while but that’s about it. The truth is, Obama does not identify with the average black man or the average black mother (his mama was white) or the average black child (he did not grow up in the States). He surrounds himself with white men these days, the only blacks he associates with are entertainers… no black intellectuals. He sees no value in the black man, or woman.

  24. leon slaughter on said:

    Obama is just a useful tool to fulfil the longterm (2050) agenda on marginalizing blacks and other minorities who are projected to become the majority population by 2050. Obama alone is not nearly
    man enough to address or even envision all of the problems that confront the black community. He needs other black eyes to survey the landscape.
    Tom Joyner is just a useful to tool to distract blacks of the realities that will confront them several decades hence. If Obama or his election were the poster child of “Post Racial America” they failed awfully.
    Regarding the cabinet makeup of the Obama Administration, I was turned off by his 2008 selections, and his 2012 selections have only validated my 2008 decision. That is the main reason that I did not vote for him in 2012. I would venture to guess that of all elected black political executives, mayors mostly, Obama’s appointment of blacks has been worst of all. THE MAN IS NO FRIEND OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY. BELIEVE THAT !!

  25. There seem to be a major problem for black America for want of a better word they made Obama there personal reparation being denied are share of the pie with mythological 40 acres and a mule and with reconstruction being used as other trick played on us because the federal government help the south regain their power over us, we now seem to think that federal government is our friend because there a black face in front of it. I often wonder the feeling we got when we seen this eloquent handsome individual except the nomination of president of the united states a position never thought about since the days of the founding of America with john Hanson the moor who sat as the first acting president of America which is now long forgotten. This glories of this event seen by are alder’s shedding tears of joy running down their eyes to be able to see this in their life time was amazing this was there reparations to finally to be able to say our president with pride but here is the irony the word reparation means the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury. compensation in money or materials payable by a defeated nation for damages to or expenditures sustained by another nation as a result of hostilities with the defeated nation —usually used in plural. So the question remain is this a person being used to compensate us for past wrong? And is are condition being address at all after four year of president Obama and now his reelection where do we stand? Now it is time to bailout black America just like the banker were the same ones that finance the slave trade.maybe we should stop listening to your show until you stop mis-educated.

    • 55th st silverbacks on said:

      the mule is the myth as there were to be loaned to us from the military, the 40 acres was signed into law but overturned when lincoln was killed. much like so many other facts without your history you are lost and doomed to repeat and perpetuate this cycle of self involved banter.

  26. There is and hierarchy of black elite who are bound There is and hierarchy of black elite who are bound to keep us in the dark about what really going this group is called the boule. The boule dates back to the early 1900 pick from black HBC an groom to distract the masses of their problem many of these school if not all were funded by rich whites. so people like tom Joyner who are advisor to the king(Greek for boule) are able to distract you with untruth about president Obama administration this has been a nightmare for black people we are the highest in unemployment, foreclosures health problem and so on. The executive order alone are frightening and because the power that be uses a black face this time to rob the people, black America are now in a zombie like state of what to do because we have a black man in the white house. Just think a minute in history a black man has always been use to do the dirty work. We should be asking Obama were the money that he gave the bankers the 7 trillion that is missing tell tom joyner to ask about that since he seem to be sleeping in the bed of the white house. Thank you Steve cokley for exposing the boule.

  27. Cindy Cruz on said:

    Tom Joyner should not write anything related to the Economy because he is a compltete idiot in regards to those manners. Has he forgotten the biggest domino of ALL (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) was run by a Black man, Franklin Raines. How myopic of him to throw the race card yet forgetting to mention the biggest failure of the housing bubble originated from of all things a black man.

    • THANK YOU CINDY that is a fact you see how they joke about the most important topics that is to desensitize the issure. just look up toms advertizer and sponsors he is in bed with corporate america.

  28. This is the reason I no longer listen to TJMS. It encourages black people to continue to be loyal to an hierchy that has always been to our detriment. I have always voted for democratic presidents and voted for Obama in 2008 only. President Obama was “selected” to further established the NWO. Voting for him and any other president only mean that you have been deceived and your mind will be control. To have a black man to promote a homosexual agenda in a community that is run by single mothers due to the high incarceration, death and abandonment of black men. Then use black celebrities, rappers and paid preachers to go into the “hood” and lie to the people. Black folks are worst off than ever. The only blacks who have benefited from his administration are news journalists, celebrities and preachers who have been paid to keep black people in their place of destruction, stupor and poverty.

    • Cindy Cruz on said:

      @Zsa Zsa
      You are 100000% correct. The deception coming from President Obama is immense and many are being fooled. America has served its purpose to spread the gospel now its new purpose is to bring on the destructive force of the NWO. The bible warned us of the great deception and falling away.

      • joey on said:

        Cindy you are correct as well, GOD will Not be mocked. if God puts a child in your womb, you are not suppose to touch it, its his plan. there is no such thing as same sex marriages. THose people who have gotten married do they really think they are married Please don’t believe the hype. There are black children being Killed everyday. because some fool wants to prove his manhood. these pastors and ministers. are not coming out to help in the neighborhoods, they are in those pull-pits collecting that Money, Creflo dollar and all these pastors who have been caught up in THere arrogant self-centered ways has just discussed me. I love GOD. and I love his son/ thank GOD for Jesus. yes they are mocking GOD. THe government is on the Shoulders of GOD as we Speak. We are under the Hand of Satan/anti-christ, but GOD is Greater and More Intelligent then any man. So GOd bless and stay prayed up and read. and keep your eyes and ears open.just because we have a black president
        does mean a thing to me. He is just a window dresser.

    • wjohnson on said:

      I voted for the president twice. I knew from the beginning that we would get less but the symbolism would be important. But I am also very disappointed by the gay agenda. The country is going into further moral decline led by the president

  29. scandalhooked on said:

    If your premise is correct and white people got us into this mess, isnt more white people going to get us into more mess and run us further into the ground? SMH Your are telling me their are no qualified hispanic, black asian indian or other ehnic backgrounds qualified for any of these positions at all? There has never been a Black woman on the Supreme Court either or Asian man or woman for that matter and for so many of the other positions. Society say Asians are good in Math and Sciences maybe he should have appointed one of them to Treasury then the problems may have been fixed already.

    All of this is just dog poohy. He can appt whoever he wants. Doesnt mean its right or wrong. Only he knows why he chose the persons he did over other equally qualified candidates or not consider other equally qualified candidates.

    Also, have you all considered that he was raised by his white mother and grandparents and whites are who the President are most comfortable with outside of who he happens to love his family? People tend to hire others they feel most connected to.

  30. Damon on said:

    And let him run the country into the ground? I think he’s doing a great job of that right now.

    Still how do you think he’s helping out the black community? More free stuff? Sure. This is why conservatives cannot beat Santa Claus. Mr. Obama was never down for “the struggle.”

    Education, that’s a joke. The more money we pour into it the worst it gets. Mr. Obama has to pay back the people who put him into office — the unions.

    Why are you so concerned over having color in the cabinet? Wouldn’t you rather have somebody of character that can do a good job versus being caught up in a scandal like most black democrats (because that what they will be in this cabinet) are always getting caught up. Just give us peanuts and off to the big house we go.

    You want gun-control why don’t you look at Chicago they got the hardest rules there is and yet they seem to have the most crime. But don’t look for the media to talk about it that’s black on black crime. If it was another race what say black on white then it will make the news because it fits into the anti-gun agenda that the liberals are out to get.

    The housing market well for most part it’s the people’s own fault because they got a variable interest rate and buying a house that they cannot afford to live in. That subject there is just too much blame to go around to talk about right now…

    Race. In this day and age, we STILL have to worry about race. The word “racism” has no meaning anymore because it’s overused.

  31. Robert on said:

    Tom I fully understand what the president is doing, I am a pastor, father and a dad if is one thing I know is our people need to understand is, our President was elected because he was and is the best choice in america for the job. We fail to realize that when you are in charge especially a nation you know your own resources. We are on the outside looking in. Yes the Caucasians got us into this mess and they should be responsible in getting us out. Has history passed by us I look at president Obama being a pastor of the church and fighting a strong traditional heritage like in our older churches; not only in the Afro-american churches it happens in the white churches also, that old tradition ” we are afraid it will help more than it should and we will lose our power”, However the country is not stupid I hope they realize it is not just hurting one side it is hurting everyone that are a part of America. In stead of complaining we need to support his choice at-least he is trying to help the middle class and poor. History has it problems that eventually turn to success, I truly believe we are going to be alright. America thought they were being cute when they elected a republican cabinet to support a democratic president.

    • Cindy Cruz on said:

      I am not sure what you are a pastor of but where is your righteuos judgement Robert? You cannot serve two masters and your President is leading us in a moral decline and our God will not be mocked! Our President supports the destruction of millions of unborns and even letting them die if they are born outside the womb. He would rather see them die in a janitors closet than give them aid. You are responsible if you preach the word and their blood will be on your hand also. Wakeup pastor Robert, God will not be mocked!

      • joey on said:

        Thanks cindy for checking that pastor. what the heck his he talking about yes we have all been fooled by all this hype. and yes I don’t believe in same sex marriages. No I don’t because there is no such thing. I don’t believe in men marrying men, and women marrying women. I live in las vegas and I have not found employment the unemployment rate for blacks here is higher than anything I have ever seen. its all in the bible. even how employers will take the wages from his employee. pay attention people. we are in for a terrible ride for the next four years.

    • smsmsm on said:

      Tom Joyner is known as a low information fool, a rich fool but nevertheless a fool. He have done more to hurt black people progress by excusing Obama in everything he does, no matter what Obama do, and as a voice for a lot of black people who don’t know much, he is like a plantation slave master who won’t free his slaves. The next black president should me Dr. Benjamin Carson, he will not push the homosexual agenda. Also google Varginia Sunahara. Oh, by the way Al Sharpton is also a fool.

  32. Melonie on said:

    Well said. He has demonstrated his support for issues important to our race. A position in the cabinet is not the answer to most of the ills we face.

    Like you said, let these Good ol boys work for us. President knows who has his back.

  33. Tom, he’s President Barack Obama, not Pope Barack Obama. He(Obama) is not infalliable unlike the Pope who cannot make a mistake, but that is only as far as church issues or concerned. Believe it or not Tom, you could beat the Pope in a game of tic tac toe. I could beat the Pope in a game of tic tac toe. President Barack Obama, even with his ivy league education, I could beat him too in a game of tic tac toe. What am I saying Tom? I am saying you are sucking up to the president and it is as heinous as the time Sammy Davis Jr. hugged Richard Nixon. Maybe you do it because the president will return your phone calls or grant you an interview in a New York minute. However Tom, your commentary “Playing the Race Card-In Reverse” doesn’t pass the smell test. By the way, don’t give up your day job.

  34. msstarr82 on said:

    tom you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired and irrational about any subject concerning the POTUS, always having a “yea but…” response/defense to any and everything concerning the man. you are so far up the POTUS’s azz that you don’t even mind the poop. as a matter of fact you LOVE it. i get sick to my stomach and conscience at your constant and ignorant praise and fawning over all things obama as if he is your personal god on high. you are a cult all by yourself and he can do no wrong which is a sickness to have towards a mortal. will you commit suicide when his time is up???

    i voted for THE POTUS (twice) but he’s only a man which means he makes mistakes like the rest of us. there is NOTHING about his performance that can’t be improved upon or should NOT actually be improved upon.

  35. joey on said:

    president obama is not running much of anything at this point. its just my opinion. yes why did we vote for him why? because we needed a change or was it because he was black? I mean which was it because he’s not for the black communities. seems like he needs help in making decisions. president obama was not elected he was selected. selected to destroy Our America. what happened
    to our schools ,, and the corruption of the banks. all those corrupted politicians. I really don’t think he has anything under control at this point. all these threats and making cuts, what does it mean. he keeps saying this will be cut and if you do this, this will be cut. So really it starts off the backs of the seniors. that’s where it will start. playing the race card is played!. This country is in a mess and this is the head wound that we have gotten, but the head wound is suppose to recover. so where is the recovery. we are falling and falling fast. just like Sodom and Gomorrah we will also be destroyed.
    GOD bless you and GOd bless America.

    • Scott on said:

      Tom Joyner please stop sucking up to the POTUS; it’s shameful how you give him a pass on everything he does or doesn’t do.
      Proud HBCU Grad

      • 55th st silverbacks on said:

        I HAVE READ EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF THESE RESPONSES. is there anyone that can acutally speak of what the real msg was for us in his speeches. if u have not paid attention the policies that are in place are not by accident but design. where is the outrage for a system that is designed to trickle down crumbs for us to fight over. the message was for us to get off our complaining asses and take back your communities from your own children and guide them to understand just what is at stake.the history of our people is to come together. and where people of god gather so too is our father. we go to church for a man to give us what we need to seek for ourselves , we ask our kids to govern themselves, and blame others for our communities. im a chicagoan born and raised and proud of that fact if any one can remember when a child had enough respect to refrain when adults were present and there was a neighborhood THEN U ARE AWARE OF WHAT IS NEEDED.WHAT OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY CAN U SAY HAD OUR CONCERNS IN MIND? it is the slave “willie lynch” scared mentallity that has us frozen from claiming our communities. while we blame the goverment and the president the street outside your door needs you BLACK MAN. THE SURGE IN HOMOSEXUALITY IS MAINLY IN OUR COMMUNITIES. our sisters that have given up on us and brothers witH no historical guidance have no instructions to assembly a life that is of abundance. money is not our answer, if u know god u know that TRUE WEALTH COMES FROM FOLLOWING YOUR HEART FOR THERE IS WHERE HE DWELLS. MONEY IS A MAN MADE ENTITY BASED ON GOLD STOLEN FROM OUR MOTHERLAND TO THIS VERY DAY. AND WE HAVE SOLD OURSELVES SHORT CHASING AFTER VIRTUAL REALITY. as i talk to the youth from englewood i find them looking for examples of what i am speaking on and all i can do is hang my head because the very people that have a issue with our struggle move to the suburbs and never think to look back with there knowledge and history (not your money ) the true spirit of faith is to step out sight unseen.

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