Roland Martin talks with Brandeis University professor Tom Shapiro about his study “The Roots of the Widening Racial Wealth Gap: Explaining the Black-White Economic Divide” which details the large difference of wealth between blacks and whites.Β  Read the study here.

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One thought on “Professor Tom Shapiro on the Wealth Gap Between Blacks and Whites

  1. mrs. lee on said:

    Although this study reveals key factors such as education, home ownership, inheritance and marriage, I find that the major key factor was not pointed out, spending. Our African American people spend the most on clothing, cars and *drum roll* hair. But whenever you say this to someone, the response is always “whit people do it” Well guess what, some white people don’t have to make a choice between buying hair or paying their car note. So many black people feel that since they work and bills are paid then they can spend as they please. What about purchasing a home or establishing good credit? What about putting money away for your child future or investments that will grow your money. Instead it’s about what you want now.

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