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Somebody once said you never realize you have a drinking problem until you run out of wine. Take that alcohol away and that seemingly docile, agreeable individual might show you a surly, aggressive side that you didn’t know existed.

I think a lot of people who never thought of themselves as racist felt that way because they were in their comfort zone and left unchallenged for too long. Now that we’ve elected a black president for a second term, it’s like someone has put a cork in their moonshine.

Shortly after President Obama made history the media almost force fed us conversations about a post-racial America without stopping to think how ridiculous a notion it was. Now we’re seeing that not only is racism still around, it’s worse. It’s like a sleeping racist beast has been awakened and until we have THIS conversation we are going to see ever more blatant examples of race-based hatred.

Just this week in the news we covered two stories that sound like headlines from the 1950s.

A white man on a plane, upset that a baby is crying, yells out “shut that N-word baby up,” then slaps the baby.

A father of a newborn asked that no black nurses care for his baby. The hospital and the administration not only honored that request, but they put it in writing.  The black nurse originally assigned to care for the baby, Tonya Battle, is suing the hospital. When she came our show Tuesday her story triggered a barrage of responses from our Text Tom Club.

There were lots of examples of the same kind of racism from people employed in hospitals, schools, stores, police forces, etc.

According to one listener, “I’m a commercial banker and customers have requested to not have black loan officers.”

Some also shared stories about black people who wanted to be served only by white people, proving that ignorance knows no color.

So what’s better: to pretend that these feeling and actions are isolated and can be contained or recognize that there’s a real problem and start dealing with it?

America has been self-medicating too long. It’s time to take a sobering look at the real issues and stop playing around.

I get accused all the time of playing the race card.  Lately, I’ve been using the whole deck because I’m not going to pretend that this thing is even close to being over.

Add to all this, the NRA wants everyone to be armed.

The last thing we need is a bunch of angry racists with concealed weapons being egged on by Fox news reporters and the religious right.  But that’s what’s happening and we’re in for some explosive times.

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19 thoughts on “America: Get Ready For Some Explosive Times

  1. What we have been doing over the past twenty-five years is chasing economic, political, educational advancement. In doing so we’ve been required to make great sacrifices to realize or raise our level of living. Certain sacrifices that have required our mother and fathers to work twice as hard; and twice as long to provide the comforts we desire. As our desires for materialism, money, and the good life has increase, so have our focus on a life of lust increased.

    Somewhere we have bought into the idea the money and stuff will make everything all right. Unfortunately, these things come at a steep price. So as we “progress” whites become angered (especially poor whites). We become so enamored with materialism that we go blind; we make all manner of sacrifices; and lower our standards just to maintain decaying stuff.

    There are always new attacks on us; new definitions being created (with the same old meaning); and a new fool born every eight seconds. The use of money, material things, and power continues to be our driving force. What is needed is for us to learn to live below our means. Stop chasing things and stuff. If you look at what you have, you will realize that you have far more than you have ever had in life (at least more than you started with). But what you have lost is family, community, love, respect, empathy and common sense.

  2. msveenie on said:

    Candycoated, Cindy & others you’re WRONG. POTUS is president not our personal caretaker. How come nobody asked the supposed black prez, Clinton about special programs for blacks? Because that wasn’t his issue, it’s ours. There enough BLACK churches, outreaches, civil organizations and any other kind of community help group to right EVERY wrong there is, TODAY. How come they don’t work together instead of apart? How come even though these social ills have been known and recognized for DECADES, they still consume a large segment of black people?? Because many, not all, of our ministers, social workers, activists, etc, are all talk and no action. I keep hearing STUPID discussions against abortions. In ALL the rants about how EVIL abortion is, whenever an advocate is asked if they have abopted a baby the only answer is evasiveness. You can’t call abortion morally wrong when you don’t have the morals to be responsible for an innocent baby. And I’m willing to bet that 99.9% of them don’t even mentor kids. Your uppity, hateful attitudes don’t hide your hateful hypocrisy. On the subject of single parenthood, having a 2 parent household does not guarantee stable family life. It won’t ensure that children grow up healty and well-adjusted if their parents are getting high with their kids, commiting crimes with their kids, and/or abusing their kids. For those od you who think POTUS is doing such a bad job what are YOU doing in your own home to ensuire tjhat kids are on the straight and narrow.
    Do you go out in your neighborhoods to make sure that seniors have enough care, that kids aren’t getting introuble after school or during vacations. Did you ever volunteer for anything to help further the environment in which YOU live before or after POTUS was elected? The simple thing is put your efforts (DO SOMETHING POSITIVE) where your mouths are.

    • Here’s a thought… You really want to make a difference in the black community… Stop accepting welfare. Find a way to become self/community sufficient. Get out of govt run schools, home school. Community gardens, grow your own food, learn to sew, harvest, become self sufficient… It is empowering, it’s bold, this would strengthen your communities and it would be a lot of work, but u would be the better for it. It’s going to take something bold and courageous to change, getting off govt support would send a very strong message.

  3. BlackHumba on said:

    Dream On>>>>>Will get worse>>>>>The self hate being displayed for profits and laughs is now on your front porch too>>>>>When you were being dummied down turning you in racist making matters worse for class war>>>>>It will better because peeps have lost your minds and now want to be spokes People>>>>>>Too late the funhas jusr begun>>>>>cowards and cop outs beware!!!!

  4. BlueCornMoon on said:

    I can’t believe the tripe I’m reading here about Obama being DIVISIVE ! His being elected only brings out the right wing bigots that this country has always had. I ‘ve been a teacher for over 30 years & from my experience I say that we blacks need to get back to the values that got us out of slavery & gave us the guts to get laws changed during the civil rights movement. When I was a kid in the 60’s, EVERY home in my neighborhood had TWO PARENTS who raised their kids to be well mannered & not to act up in church,school, or in public. We were taught not to act like what white bigots thought we were. I went to segregated schools & we learned about our history & culture.Good behavior was the norm,education was highly valued & we were taught to be ready to go thru the doors of opportunity when the civil rights laws were passed. If we got bad grades we were taught to study harder & do better next time.Our parents didn’t run up to the school demanding that grades be changed even tho we hadn’t earned them. We respected our parents , teachers , pastors , & all adults. Most of us belonged to local churches. Any adult in the neighborhood could scold any kid they saw acting up & the scolded kid better not talk back or the adult would contact their parent & there’d be hell to pay when that kid got home. Schools were safe; NO school police,NO metal detectors,NO school shootings,NO attacks on teachers & school staff by students, NO cops called to take kids out of aschool in cuffs, Didn’t need all that. We had RESPONSIBLE ADULTS !! Fast forward to now. Many black kids in my big city district come from extremely dysfunctional homes; there’s drugs & irresponsible parenting. Kids aren’t taught basic manners & routinely talk back to & disrespect teachers & don’t do their work. Many have no desire to learn because they plan to grow up & be “ballers”. There are a lot of fights in neighborhoods, often involving both adults & kids & cops are often called to schools because of black & Latino kids brawling & fighting. Gangs compete for turf , there are almost daily shootings & murders & kids get hit by stray bullets. Numerous kids I’ve taught have had family ,friends & folks they know shot to death. Many kids are the products of baby mama/baby daddy families where no love, structure & discipline are taught because parents are too busy running around,sleeping around,doing drugs, or living the wild life. Kids don’t play outside in groups like we did back in the day due to video games,computers, & unsafe neighborhoods so social skills aren’t as good & kids often resort to bullying & fighting to solve almost any problem. We don’t even see all the double dutch that had been a neighborhood staple for years. In some of the worst schools there are vicious assaults among kids. A nice but timid girl was recently thrown into a trash can by some boys. School staff often don’t do anything because rules tie their hands & administrators demand that they resort to ass covering policies to keep the truth from hitting the news,keep their jobs & to keep the public thinking all is well. Many parents take their kid’s side & refuse to believe their kid did anything even if the bad behavior is witnessed by school staff.Kids as young as kindergarten come to school cursing,disobeying teachers,fighting, & talking about sex. I could go on, but the bottom line is that neither Obama,Bush,Clinton, or any other president can fix the MESS that our neighborhoods have become when the PROBLEMS START IN THE HOME. Folks act like everything’s gonna be fine if the POTUS would just say “get married & raise your kids together”. Sure it would be nice if he & EVERYONE ELSE would speak up on that & other issues,but there’s an old saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” & a lot of folks would ignore it because they have no intention of changing their ways.. Many good “old school” parents are working overtime to get money to put their kids in private or religious schools because they’re being bullied for “acting white” because they’re studying & doing well. Pop culture is no help…. full of trashy images that go counter to good behavior, & those are the images that SELL ! People are hypocritical….complaining about the bad but buying it anyhow & ignoring the positive. If you want better neighborhoods, ACT WITH SOME SENSE,RAISE YOUR KIDS LIKE WE USED TO DO…RESPECTING EDUCATION & AIMING HIGH, RESPECT YOURSELF & YOUR NEIGHBORS, DON’T DO DRUGS HAVE KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK, OR SHOOT UP YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS OVER DUMB STUFF. LEARN OUR HISTORY & TEACH IT TO YOUR KIDS & FAMILY. Stop expecting the POTUS or any other politician to clean up your personal messes….do it your self !!!

  5. STOP! What we’re dealing with as a nation is not one person or parties fault. It is the fault of each and every one of us. How? When you assume our politicians, our President and our so-called leadership locally and nationally can be trusted to secure your jobs and quality of life in a fair and reasonalbe manner without your voice; you are mistaken. Historically, this is the first time “we the people,” are apt to complain without a movement to demand a more fair and balanced society.

    There is a price to pay for everything. Our indifference to one another, celebrity culture and our bad behaviors racially and geographically has destroyed our ability to take responsibility for our United States of America.

    Examples, Greeks and Syrians are poring out into the streets to demand what they need on Main Street and Side Streets.

    Read your local newspapers, view your local news and pop culture TV programs and there is evidence what our focus has become: stuck on dumb; parked on stupid. It would never have become what we are living through in these times if everyone would take responsibility and demand better. The American Dream left in the lay-a-way plan was paid off and taken by the very same rich and powerful to control. And we let it happen. Yes, the price was too high in exchange for consumerism, celebritydom and oppression.

    And yes, more than not, the class warfare and racial warfare has been strengthened to divide and conquer “We the People.” Rather than debate what is already place, ask yourself, what are you going to do about it?

    It’s not just about you; it’s about us!

  6. It’s interesting that so many expect a black president to fix all the black problems. That he should only focus on our community. That he should not work to help immigrants, that because he is heterosexual, that he should publicly denounce the gay community.
    There sounds like Alot of bigotry spouted in these comments. And everyone talking about heaven ain’t going there. Get your own life with Christ together cause many of these comments don’t sound too Christian

  7. Tom I’m smiling because this is what I’ve been saying all along.
    It’s nothing more than the same old sit in a new day. I gotta say-ma man Pres Obama made some hideous moves in my view. But being devisive IS NOT one of them Cindy. And I personally raised hell when he endorsed same sex marriage. But months later I’ve been thinking-even he couldn’t escape one of those ‘bring-a-brother-down- sisters. Hey it happened to Marion Barry,Clarence Thomas,the young man that was on the Apprentice, and then HE got a dose. Robbin Roberts was no more than Anita Hill,Omarosa and the other crazy that help set up Marion Barry-When she literally cornered a President-OUR PRESIDENT in endorsing the non-sense. This President didn’t cause this economic chaos, the former President did along with the Republicans in congress. Do you know why so many African Americans are out of work. SLEEP. My people are sleeping on many issues including the fact the Mexicans are coming off the farms and getting work in the Factories. I’ve seen it ‘first hand’!
    In CAR LOADS. Working like DOGS for just above minimum wage. They are beginning to effect wages everywhere. And move in the Black neighborhoods. While we sleep. And black people say – don’t bother them, they alright. REALLY! LETS see if you say that when your home tax bill comes in several hundred dollars more-because you need to help pay for the schools that are busting at the seems-due to Mr and Ms Mexico gaming the system. LOL whoooo Laud.

  8. Cindy Cruz on said:

    The deception coming from our President is astounding and the stupidity flowing from Tom Joyner is amazing. Our President has been incredibly devisive along racial, religous, political and economic lines. Tom is the master at creating racial divisions… without racial divisions his empire fades away….. he cant have that; so stirring up racial divisions just makes him richer.
    People you are being deceived by this President in every way…. time to wake up and stop being blinded him.

    • I agree with you Cindy on many levels, I never really could trust obama, in some instances,, People are being deceived by the president, the thing that has always bothered me, in the bible, I read everyday, it keeps me strong, but in psalms it says, be-aware of a king who comes to a land, wanting to make a change, what did he say in 2008 we can make a change, that was his slogan, and still to this day I believe that is who he is I was really thinking about that , and I had to read it again and again and ask the holy spirit to help me understand. in 2008 the trumpet blew, for the economic fall
      this situation will not get better, its very tricky. and so is our president. look at Detroit, Look at texas,
      and look at Las vegas, the worse state’s for job searches. Yes I was a fool for voting for him, yes I was standing there voting, thinking this is my right to vote. but who esle was I going to vote for. I was proud to vote and I never missed a time when it was time to vote. that is my RIght!, but lets get real.
      we are being blinded by him and we need to knew the real deal. Yes I do fellowship in my Church and the more my family studies the word in the english version as well. But thank GOD for JESUS,
      that is who I know will take care of things better than man. if you know like I know, you will read and study and open your eyes and ears. and know that these things are happening for a reason.look at the corrupt cities, look at the children who are dying in the street by guns, look at the men out here who are killing there children. and the mothers who are killing there children and getting away with it,
      look at all the white Racism that has come alive more so. now then the 60’s it is the sign of the times,
      but this is suppose to happen. SO stay prayed up and trust in YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, stay encouraged and stay wise and stay blessed. thanks for listening Cindy.

      • 55th st silverbacks on said:


    • 55th st silverbacks on said:

      MS CRUZ i sincerly hope the message you are attempting to make does not imply that racism is a nonfactor in these “united states” it is the foundation in which this country was built, i had the notion when explaining our history to some men younger than I to research aparthied in south africa. i as an american of african decent was unaware of these laws were designed to not only segregate but to leave a legacy that would forever change the african people , by means of mental slavery. there is also a document thet was produced here in america that explains what the true intent for us was called “willie lynch letter” in this document it states if the protacol was followed correctly the mental effect would last 300 years and if done to perfection would last forever because the oppressed will carry it with them a liftime and pass it on to the offspring. do u have a connection to the african american experience? it does not seem that way.

  9. Have you ever asked yourself what does Obama want for his daughters? What are his expectations for them? Would he be supportive if his daughters wanted to have an abortion? Will he be ok with high black unemployment rates when his daughters are looking for a job? Does he want Sasha and Malia marrying ohter women? Sure, he wants equal rights for everyone… I suppose if his daughters grow up to be lesbians then he would support their right to marry other women… just a thought.

  10. No racist on the planet could ever do the damage to the black community that Obama has done. Unemployment numbers have just been released and once again, black unemployment is the highest in the nation. Hispanics have a lower unemployment rate than blacks and half of them can’t speak English. Obama promotes abortion by allowing planned parenthood to use tax payer money to perform abortions knowing that blacks have the highest abortion rates of any other race in the U.S. And, he supports same-sex marriage, not building or strengthening traditional marriage, nope, he’s all for gay marriage. Why doesn’t he use his influence to encourage moms and dads to stay together and raise their kids. He could set up family counseling centers instead of abortion clinics. Blacks are so much worse off under Obama and yet you shower him with unyielding support. I have seen first hand, the despair, I see black men, they have no pride, they have no hope, things are not better, opportunities are not better. The drop out rate has not decreased…. Instead of helping the black community, he is giving work permits and granting amnesty to illegals. Obama’s presidency will go down in history as the nail in the coffin for the black community… what will the next 4 years hold, if the last 4 are any indication, it does not look good.

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