Calling all parents, teachers, kids, and well, everyone! Think you know your black history? Challenge yourself, friends, students and the know-it-all of the family to take the quiz below. Go to page two for answers. Good luck!

1. First black Miss America
2. First black to die in space flight
3. First black to win medal at Winter Olympics
4. First all black band to win Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock performance
5. First black woman astronaut
6. First black to win the U.S. Amateur Championship in golf
7. First black woman billionaire
8. First black woman to hold the #1 rank in tennis
9. First black NFL head coach to win a Super Bowl
10. First black White House Social Secretary

1. Vanessa Williams

2. Ronald McNair

3. Debi Thomas

4. Living Colour for “Cult of Personality”

5. Dr. Mae Jemison

6. Tiger Woods

7. Sheila Johnson

8. Venus Williams

9. Tony Dungy

10. Desiree Rogers

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2 thoughts on “Know Your History: Test Your Black History Knowledge

  1. Rayar Johnson on said:



    In the Wayne County Mississippi Newspaper Front page continues 8A February 14,2013 addition.

    KKK threat to kill my child four children continous violations. We need representation. But, Sheriff office said they cannot get involved with this, they have a contract with the school.I called 911 they couldn’t help us.

    Rayar Johnnson

    • Lynne X on said:

      Contact Al Sharpton CNN show write him and call him continuously and all city counci people outside and inside state contact the media outside and inside state. Don’t stop letting people know about this

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