Celebrating Black History Month, we hit up Harlem for a new art exhibit from the eyes of 17 Black artists with vivid American stories to tell.

Award-winning actress Kerry Washington definitely took the cake for Black History Month with her month-long #BlackHERStory photo series on Instagram honoring female pioneers in the movement.

Backlash on the Internet ensued earlier today after a school counselor's letter from Sprunica Elementary in Indiana went viral for allowing parents to sign a waiver permitting their child from being taught lessons "related to equity, caring and understanding differences."

11-year-old Orion Jean is proving that age certainly is just a number in some instances, particularly when it comes to charity work and giving back to his community in Fort Worth, Texas. As a result, he's recently been given the prestigious honor of being named 'TIME' Magazine's 2021 Kid Of The Year.

Although history has taught us that former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is the one who invented the American version of macaroni and cheese, we're here to inform you for Black History Month that it was actually created by Jefferson's enslaved Black chef, James Hemings.

Many teachers in Alabama are getting pushback on their recent Black History Month lessons by parents who want to uphold the ban on Critical Race Theory that was approved by the Alabama State Board of Education last October.

Often opinionated rap star Kanye West wants to change the way we acknowledge Black History Month altogether by switching the name to "Black Future Month" — others, like Dr. Cornel West, think he may be a bit off in his approach.

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NEW YORK (AP) — From shoes and T-shirts to dolls and tote bags, more companies and brands are getting into the business of Black History Month but trying not to leave the impression that African American consumers are important just once a year. Some businesses are using February to show off the diversity of their […]

Black History Month

Here are five modern-day voting rights heroes everyone should know.

Happy Black History Month! We all know about the big name Black History folks who made a change. But, there are lots of other people who are less “famous” who have made big and impressive contributions. Like, Edward Bouchet who was the first Black man to graduate from Yale. Also, Matthew Alexander Henson who was […]