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T.J. Jackson, the co-guardian of his late uncle Michael Jackson’s three children since July, does not currently receive any financial assistance for taking on the responsibility – and apparently it’s starting to take a toll.

According to TMZ, the executors of Jackson’s Estate are asking the judge to give T.J., son of Tito Jackson, a monthly allowance to pay for the children’s expenses. The Estate claims that T.J. has been extremely devoted to Paris, Prince and Blanket since their father’s death, spending 40 hours a week caring for the kids.

The Executors say it’s been a hardship for T.J., who is married with 3 kids of his own. The Estate is asking the judge to allow them to pay T.J. $9,000 a month, retroactive to July. They add, the way it’s going now, T.J. may not be able to continue, so compensation is essential.

T.J. is a permanent co-guardian of the kids alongside their grandmother Katherine Jackson.

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