On a recent episode of Wendy Williams, Faith Evans–Biggies’ wife at his time of death–revealed that she caught BIG in bed with Lil Kim.

I love how the like to play down Lil Kim‘s and the late Biggie Small’s relationship. In the movie “Notorious” the bite size rapper was made out to be, not even the side chick, but the woman Christopher Wallace blatantly disrespected and treated like a ho.

Now I totally believe Faith in all her light-skinned glory held the key to Biggie’s heart but if he was sleeping with Lil Kim in their bed and she was accompanying the great rapper on tour, not to mention she met him before Faith, Kimmy Blanco had to be more than just a quick lay. I digress.

Among other things, Faith assured everyone that finding BIG’s killer is most important to them but the dollars being wasted on the uncooperative LAPD are useless so the search has been stagnant. You can read more about her journey in her memoir.

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2 thoughts on “Faith Evans Recalls The Time She Caught Biggie & Lil Kim In Bed! [VIDEO]

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