Yes, former NFL star Hines Ward is the “baby’s daddy” and he isn’t ashamed of it.

TMZ revealed that a woman named Melanie Smith filed a complained in Georgia to let the state know he’s the father.

But there’s really no issue here because shortly after the baby was born, the now retired Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and “Dancing with the Stars” champion, took a paternity test and has been taking care of his responsibilities since.

Ward says Smith is entitled to receive child support from him and thus far has provided “substantial” support so far.

At this point, the parents of little Jordyn, who will be two in January, are hashing out an official agreement on support, custody, and parenting time outside of court. Ward would like joint legal and physical custody. So far he’s been able to spend a lot of time with his daughter.

(Photo: AP)

3 thoughts on “Hines Ward is the Daddy and Doesn’t Need the Court to Tell Him

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    • TWL,Jr on said:

      What does this internet plug have to do with the Hines Ward report? Which from what I can tell is not even a story if the Brotha’ is taking care of his responsibilities as it appears. Am I missing something here?!

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