Jamie Foxx refuses to name the mothers of his two daughters because it keeps his personal life out of the tabloids.

The Oscar winning star of “Django Unchained” has two children, Corinne, 18, and Annalise, four, but the identity of their mothers have remained a secret since birth. Foxx insists he has no confidentiality agreement to keep the women from coming forward, but he is glad the information hasn’t leaked since it makes things far less complicated.

“It’s just so cool and calm and that’s all you need… (I) need somebody… who’s not thirsty for what I do,” he told Oprah Winfrey in Sunday’s “Oprah Next Chapter.”

oxx admits he has a similar approach to dating, insisting he won’t date anyone who has a problem keeping their relationship quiet.

Fox lives by the motto, “Whoever you date, don’t let anybody know”, and he explains, “I was dating a girl one time and I’m sick and there was a premiere and she got her dress and she was like, ‘Well, the premiere’s tonight… what are we doing? Because I got this dress.’ And I said, ‘Ok, well you go ahead and go to the premiere and don’t come back,’ because it ain’t about that. To me, in order to make it in this business, it has to be someone who is willing to sacrifice a little bit more than what they would sacrifice in a normal relationship.”

But Foxx isn’t looking to walk down the aisle – because most of his married friends are miserable: “I always wanted to be married, 2.5 kids, wood paneling on the side of the station wagon, but… you get your heart broken one good time, especially for a man, it’s catastrophic.”

And Foxx is convinced most unions are doomed because of the added pressure placed on couples once they become husband and wife.

He says, “I always felt for my friends that got married. I would see them married for five years and then see them start to (crumble), and all of the sudden they’re not married and they’re enemies. Like they hate each other. And then I’m stuck in the middle as their friend and there’s kids involved and it wrecks everything.

“I just don’t want that… I know one couple that is married and they’re happy, but everybody else, they are gnawing their arms off.”

(Photo: EURweb)

42 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx On Keeping Baby Mamas Secret; Why He Won’t Marry

  1. sabrina birdine on said:

    I think its America so everyone has the freedom to do what they want. But I am no one to judge. But I do know I love his music and acting

  2. What a selfish, self-centered jerk! & it is only his money that lets him get away with this. He is astoundingly lucky these women don’t step forward & shame him for his arrogance. I don’t care what color *anyone* is, he’s a jerk.

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  4. Monique on said:

    Have anyone noticed J. Anthony Brown [70 yea-rold’s]? He will die for a white women! You noticed he hasn’t married any of his women?! They don’t won’t him! They are using him!

  5. Monique on said:

    His excuse is just an excuse like so many men! They just want to sleep with anything that moves!! We Black women have feelings, too. Yet Black women shouldn’t be too hurt; they are using these white women and the white women are using them, too! Again, Black men think whiite women are dumb and passive! They are playing into the stereotypes to acquire all the money, once the divorce!! And it’s working, they are doing a great job! They deserve that raise!! LOL!

  6. You have made some decent points there. I looked on the
    web to learn more about the issue and found most people will go along with
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  7. jollyjim on said:

    He’s a guy with every excuse not to make any commitment to another person- even if they have kids together. I’m sure his fame gets him lots of action and he enjoys that freedom. But he’ll just add to the number of kids who grow up without a father.

  8. jamie is trying to have his cake and eat it to, he put up this front of being a proud black man. but in actuality proud black men dont make babies with white women.i think the cat got some self hatred issues going,i dont think he would parade his young daughter around if she looked like him.i think he proud she dont look like him. jamie come from a small depressed community in texas, and first thing these cat out of texas do when they get to california is jump on the first white woman they see.

  9. Beverly Petty on said:

    I totally agree w/ Jamie on some things: there are some women (black*white*blue*green) who does marry just for money and fame. But I also agree w/ some of the other comments. I think it’s just an excuse on Jamie’s part. He’s laying up w/ all these women because of who he is and it’s sad that they’re letting him do it. My mother always told myself and my sisters that it you’re good enough to lay down w/ a man, then you should be good enough to be seen in public w/ him. And if he doesn’t think that you are, then shame on you for letting him treat you that way. It is sad but VERY TRUE as a black female to have supported your black men while they’re struggling; and as soon as they make it to the NFL, NBA etc… they choose to select another race to be with. Just remember: If you didn’t have the fame and money, you’d just be another “N*****” White women and all other women want the same thing as a black woman (a little love and some help) and fuss just as much!!

  10. Omg!!!!!!…. Jamie date who you want to date… majestic said the black women was made for black men and black men were made for black women ( thats some funny shit)… I date white black ect, whatever makes me happy.. Majestic you dont know god if you think that way, love has no color to it…. Freakin weirdos

    • nancy on said:

      Jamie IS a jerk. NOW we see he stepping around with good buddy TOM CRUISE wife, and his children got white mothers. He doesn’t have black pride, and since he is ugly (he is) he doesn’t want kids that look like him, and wants to ‘breed out the blackness’ as so many self hating black men (and ladies) do. He has been brainwashed, and the white ladies need to STOP taking the best, or any, black men and keep the black families together and the money in the black neighborhoods!

    • valerie on said:

      Black women make the choice to be “Baby Momma’s…instead of being a wife. The woman makes the choice to have children out of wedlock, so don’t get mad with the brotha when we doesn’t want to marry you. He only wanted SEX!

  11. Run2006 on said:

    For years Jamie has recounted the superficiality of Hollywood. He discussed his years as a C-lister/comedian excluded from Hollywood elite and being attracted to women who ended up being serial dating golddiggers on the comeup. and it shaped his attititude. Fortuanately he saw all the superficiality before he got money. As his status slowly changed he saw the superficial shine he got from the ladies and didn’t buy into the hype which is financially dangerous in Hollywood. More power too him.

  12. I am happy to know one of the rich blackmen in the business knows the type of commitments marriage entails to marry someone while an actor is in their prime is asking that partner to give up alot of the basic things marriage consist of such as time, reciprocity, commitment,etc. A actor has to be 100% committed simply he has to be selfish with his time and commitments if he wants to succeed naturally he would need a selfless companion to make marriage successful.

  13. Its good to be cautious…being who he is and what he has accomoplished he is correct you want someone to want you for YOU not just for what you can give them! BUT at the same time you have to take a chance because life is too short to waste all that time, have all that money and NO ONE to spend it with…..sure the one night stands and no ‘strings’ attached may work for a while but when you get to a certain age and look at ALLLLLL that time you spent guarding your heart as if you are the ONLY man that has been hurt by a women —you will look up one day and say …..hummmm you can t get back that time you missed out on?…..good luck to ya Jamie hope you find your ‘FANCY’

  14. Firts off these women r not the loves of his life he’s tucking away 4 privacy! They were jumpoffs,one night stands…accidents. he wants 2 keep his baby momma anonymous bc they ain’t abt nothing. Second,he likes his freedom&he’s scared of getting jacked for his fortune. He has a right 2 be cautious but 2 deny himself the blessings&sanctity of marriage is his loss! No self respecting intelligent black woman should chase his as* down if hes that scared to trust his own heart! He’d be bringing problems 2 a marriage anyway going in expecting it to fail! Let his as *stay single& knock up trashy white women if that’s his thing.trust…its no loss! Next!

  15. Women aren’t baby making machines there, oscar-winning Jamie-o, and you have no business teaching your daughters that is’ ok to provide a man with babies and be willing to keep their ‘relationship’ a secret. What is wrong with you? You are a comic with an oscar, and a bunch of friends who are stuck in horrible relationships. Carting these children around (showing up at ‘premiers’, etc.) without honoring these children without their mothers’ presence at the same time, on the same night is so whorishly selfish and confusing to those little black girls, that the most pressing thing you probably need is a few hours (or years) with a good therapist – before your girls end up with one. Get over yourself, Foxx. Love hurts when it goes wrong, but we all do the best we can, not prance around Hollywood saying we hate marriage, but love making babies. That doesn’t make you a good father. It simply adds you to the list of those who promote emotional disconnectedness, something that indeed will come back to bite your daughters in the ass. You just don’t have the right to treat people that way, Foxx.

  16. All the beautiful women has had, he just hasn’t met that one yet. If you are blessed enough to find to find love then hold on to it. It’s rare and something money can’t buy it.

  17. Our greatest example of black love is the Obamas…..all of these “celebs” are poor examples of what marriage is about. Far too many of us forget from whence we come……we forget that we were poor or disadvantaged and then when some of us make it we become so jaded and forget that our purpose on earth is not to only make a lot of money…..it’s to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others. Jamie had an excellent example of a successful marriage from the persons that he was raised by, his grandparents. And his daughters are watching what he does and he will certainly set the tone for what kind of men they aspire to be with. Let’s hope it’s not to be just “baby mamas”. Personally, i’m sick and tired of this whole glamorization of “baby mamas”. There is nothing glamorous about being a single mother! It’s a hard job and far too many of our black children are in these situations. Certainly Mr. Fox you should be careful about whom you connect with; but, it sends a dangerous message to say that because others’ marriages didn’t work you won’t marry. In 2013, the black community needs to learn to stop degrading its own members particularly its women. No other race or group does this as openly as is done in ours!!!!

  18. Well white people was so racist they would kill black men for looking at white women. Take away their inheritance and disown them. Its not being racist because black women are speaking about how so many of our men are not supporting the black women. Some of our successful black men have spoken out and said they dont even date black women. Some say black womem fuss too much. Black women want money. What you think the white women wants! (MONEY).if you didnt have the money she would be fussing. A lot of black men have been drained after the interaccial marriages. They marry your ass, have a couple babies and then take your black ass to the cleaners

  19. What woman would allow herself to be hidden just to be a part of a man’s like in secret? SMH!!! The women he impregnate need more self esteem. If you can’t show the world that I am your woman then you don’t deserve me – period! i don’t care how much money you have. What is he teaching his daughters, that they don’t deserve any more than being a man’s baby mamma? He needs to get himself together and realize that women are too precious to be hidden.

    • His coat tail aint that dang important, to forgo marriage …….. altho I hear his point on the papparazzi stuff and family privacy for his children and those mothers- He is the Public Entertainer and not them(and some people dont wanna be public figures I get that….) and the media does goooooooooooooo tooooooooooooo far. Still that is that man’s bed / or that woman’s bed. They have to live there. He really ain’t obligated to tell us who they are. Are YOu? I’m just saying…. Not wanting to get married because somebody elses marriage aint working is Lame and Gutless and shameful to the GREATEST POSSIBLITY TO BE THE MOST HIGHEST GRAMMY AWARD OF HIS LIFE, THAT OF DYNAMIC HUSBAND FATHER FRIEND! (seek guideance from the successful ones)

  20. A major talent but too bad he has such a negative view on marriage. Yes, marriage is a lot of work, even under the best of circumstances, but you can’t judge the whole institution based on the circumstances of a few friends.

  21. Oh I wish I could send a message to Jamie Foxx, here is exactly how it would read.
    Jamie, it’s a lowdown dirty shame that your friends didn’t seek out either their parents or perhaps a favorite uncle like uncle Frank and a favorite aunt like aunt Louise and ask them how they were able to keep their marriages together. If your friends tried to get the formula for a successful marriage from: the movies, television soap operas or the National Enquirer near the cashier in the grocery store at the check-out line, then their marriages were doomed to fail. Look what that has done to you. You are traumatized! Heaven help your daughters when they get ready to look for mates. Are your daughters destined to be “baby mamas”? Then again you’ll probably be one of those dads who keeps a shotgun close at hand for “shotgun marriages.” Your friends had “physical closeness” (the mechanics of knocking the boots or making whoopee) down to a science but they had “no shared thoughts” and ” no common interests”. No wonder some segments of the black community is in the shape that they are in. Due to imitating the lifestyles of celebrities such as yourself, Jamie. 2013 is only a few week away, aren’t you ready for a change?

    • Buying his tickets is sooooo far down on any moralist’s list. (infact it is not on my list) because I am stuck at the – it makes things less complicated rationale. Wife is an honor – Husband is an honor – —- afraid to committ to one woman is selfish (and my not so nice nature wanted to say a two syllable seven letter word rhymes with hunkmass) The state of the Black family (and is someone guessing these secret babymamas are caucasian?she still a woman.) is being wrecked! NOT soley by media/tv/movies/porn/musical lyrics…………. NO NOT SOLEY—- It is by the Twisted MINDS that BELIEVE these false imageries – WEAK MINDS that really are DE- senSitized De-Moralized SeLFullinG and other family crippling things. Alas, there are some hollywood and regular everyday men who do choose to commit ON PURPOSE. Thangs are not totally perfect, yet real love does it-EVERYTHING TAKES AN EFFORT TO LEARN. Jamie Foxx learned those lines he did not know before….. Learn how to be married — The manual is the BIBLE. fareal- Truth is he just dont wanna be a dedicated Husband/Father and put forth effort in this ROLE of YOUR LiFe.
      I don’t know much #ijs I know this.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  22. Speak for yourself not the black community as a whole. I hope the individual who posted this statement is under the age of 30. Once you’ve lived a bit you could care less what race someone is as long as they make you happy. Love whomever you want Jamie and I’ll do the same. I’ll still buy your tickets and cd!

  23. LOL…He better keep it a secret…..He knows if those kids mothers are not black, he will not be getting money from the black community….black women are the black community, we spend the money….A lot of us are becoming smart by not supporting black men who sleep with white women….We have to be damn fools to let you take our money out of our communities….

    • Carnor_Jax on said:

      Excuse me why does that matter if he is or was with a white woman? wtf man iam so sick of pepole caring about skin color I challenge any and all black women who have a problem with black men bein with white (or any woman who isnt black) to give me a LOGICAL reason why you have a problem with it.if you cant then stfu and let that man live his life jeez.oh and sayin you wouldnt support jamie for bein with a white woman doesnt make you smart it makes you racist and ignorant as well.

      • I feel black women want to know including myself is why so many black successful men dont marry their black women. They have children with the black women. You cant get them to leave you doing the struggle, when you are reaching the top. As soon as you make the megga bucks, then its any woman except the black womem. Its like she dont deserve to be rich with her black man who she stood by when they were poor. Also its seems like its some kind of prize for the black man. get famous,go nba, nfl, become a comedian whatever, get rich go white. Black men got so much money today, white parents are encouraging their daughters to go after a black man. They use to disown them. Well now these black men can make the whole white generation rich.

      • Carnor_Jax on said:

        I know women wont like what im gonna say now but i happen to agree with SOME of what Jamie said personally if u rich marriage is NOT a advantage for the man and that is to ANY woman unless she was there with you from the start when u had nothing and helped you make your fortune that is the only exception otherwise i would stay away from it entirely because lets face it a woman can come into a marriage with a rich man with ZERO money and leave with half.I mean wtf is that bullshit. And also most women who go for a rich man dont do it for love they do it for the fame and the money and the laws in this country are clearly in womens favor so as long as u dont go around gettin women pregant i say do u and DONT marry EVER unless you know for sure she loves u and u love her. you know the REAL and ONLY reason for marriage in the 1st place

      • Majestic on said:

        The Black man was made for the Black woman, and the Black woman was made for the Black man. Period! The original man is the Asiatic Black man. The maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth. God of the universe! Time for the Black man and woman to be gettin’ down to the business of raising our Black Nation to be on top where we once were. Time for us to get back to our God and ask His mercy, forgiveness, love, beneficience and guidance.If we submit to the God and become unified, overnight that would be more powerful than an atom bomb. It’s Nation Time!

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