Former NFL Great O.J. Simpson is drowning in debt due to backed taxes, child support, and money owed to the families of slain ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman.

Simpson can now add another $300,000 to his debt after the state of California filed a tax lien against the embattled athlete this week.

California is asking for exactly $318,566 in unpaid taxes.

Currently, Simpson is serving a 33 year prison sentence in Nevada for armed robbery.

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2 thoughts on “O.J. Simpson Owes More Taxes

  1. hattonator on said:

    OJ had two separate trials. The civil trial is the trial where he was found guilty as he should have been found the same when the state brought charges for the murders of Nichole and Goldman. OJ is finally getting what he deserves. He’s a cold blooded killer and you know it!

  2. Gaywrites on said:

    Why the hell is OJ being made such an example? Had anyone gotten hurt by what he’d been “convicted” of? Tell the truth then.
    How do you get aquitted of a crime but then turn around and owe someone millions of dollars for that same crime? Seems like the only crime committed is the same crime that convicted Emmett Till and myself apparently. Lesson learned.

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