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Chris Paul tells you how black people prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Plus more on Lil' Wayne, Breast Milk, and Katt Williams.

Listen to the "Morning Minute" here and read the full transcript below.

This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

The Northeast region of the US is digging in and bracing for the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  Sandy is expected to cover an 800 mile radius and do some major damage.  And while supermarkets in the suburbs have reported selling out of milk, bread and batteries, corner stores in the hood have reported selling out of Hennessey, barbeque potato chips and rolling paper.  White people, you handle the hurricane your way and we’ll handle it ours.

Lil Wayne scared all of his fans Friday when he suffered ‘a seizure, a seizure, a seizure, a, a seizure. A seizure.  He was rushed to the hospital when doctors began treating him for asthma after his boys told him he was wheezy.  But Lil Wayne has been released and he’s now resting comfortably at the place he calls home.  That’s right, the tattoo parlor.

Katt Williams just landed a starring role in Scary Movie V. I would make a joke, but uh-uh, that negro pulls guns out on comedians.

A woman in Texas has set a world’s record for donating breast milk.  Since last March Alicia Richman has donated 87 gallons of freshly squeezed double D dairy milk.  And I, for one, can vouch that it is in fact (burp) delicious.


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