Tameka Foster is not happy with Oprah. After pitching a reality show to Oprah’s OWN network this summer and getting denied by the TV mogul, let’s just say Tameka is no longer a fan. So you can only imagine how she felt last night when her ex-husband aired their dirty laundry on Oprah’s “Next Chapter.”

A fan took to Twitter to call Oprah out for using Blacks to get ratings, and guess who chimed in?

The Fan tweeted: "Oprah is using the Blacks for ratings. When OWN launched, it was… "different". Now mama wanna come "home". Chile."

In response Foster tweeted:

"@akacharleswade Yep."

It could be an innocent opinion but we're sure it's more than just coincidence.


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3 thoughts on “Tameka Foster Comes For Oprah & OWN

  1. Tameka is mad at Oprah? Wouldn’t that be akin to an ant getting mad at a lion? Again, Tameka, go sit yourself down. Your 15 minutes ran out a good while back.

  2. ctaylo6008 on said:

    Tameka Foster, you have not said nothing new that we do not no about Oprah and her shows. But when are you going on one of the talk shows so that we can get your side of the story about this crazy divorce. You show not be upse about what Usher said on Oprah show last night. We here about everytime you guys go to court. So its time to hear it from your very own lips.

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