If you’ve been following the custody battle drama between Usher and ex-wife Tameka, you know that even though she lost, as far as she’s concerned, the war is still being fought.

Well Usher is not taking her “vile” attempts to regain custody of their children. He says they are an insult to the justice system.

As we reported, Usher emerged victorious after an arduous custody trial with his ex Tameka Raymond, in which the judge awarded Usher primary custody of the couple’s two sons.

Tameka filed papers asking for a new trial — on the grounds the judge had received campaign contributions from Usher’s lawyer and was biased as a result — but Usher says that’s BS, reports TMZ.

The singer filed his own response on Wednesday asking the court to deny Tameka’s request, claiming her motion is “an assault on the integrity of the court.”

Usher believes Tameka is delusional, claiming if she were granted a new trial, it would be grounds for a reversal of ALL trials where a lawyer had contributed to a judge’s campaign.

Usher claims the motion “constitutes a continuum of [Tameka's] vile and unsupported claims that every person who dared testify against her … is biased and tainted.”

A judge has yet to rule on the matter.


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5 thoughts on “Usher Responds to Tameka’s ‘Vile’ Attempts to Regain Custody of Kids

  1. loycetate on said:

    Mytyred, I read the chain of these comments different and don’t think anybodys opinion is stupid rather the opposite “their perspective”. The question of either parents ability or fitness to care for their kids wasn’t what actually played out in the courtroom. For in the courtroom, money talks and the money talks “before” the courtroom and determines what will be discussed or “admissible” depending on how much money a person has. That “stupid” lol since you name called was the issue at hand and not whether a man or a woman could or should be allowed custody of children. Most times the fairness of those decisions although decided well before the case even comes to court. The more money a person has the more likely a favorable decision, that is the Reality. The legal issue that Tameka is fighting is that Usher paid the towards the “decidng” judges campaign and therefore he was unable to render an “unbiased” decision which is an “oath” they take to be a judge and if she can prove that is the case then he should have been able “legally” to render a decision and certainly not one in Usher’s behalf. The money issue of LIFE that all Black people experience is that we don’t have the money to hire and pay for the expensive lawyers to dig and investigate and find the documentation to prove her case much less get certain evidence dismissed before it gets there based upon a legality. That is why so many Black men are in prison while their counter-parts go free because money buys resources and freedom not granted to all. How many times have you seen or had a jury of your peers? At least with one man of color at the highest of offices, maybe we stand a chance. OBAMA 2012

  2. Pierre Pullins on said:

    As a man who has been horribly treated by the courts here in Marion county (Indianapolis, IN) because I filed a complaint against a biased Master commissioner because she wouldn’t hold my son’s mother in contempt after she hid my son in violation of a court order, I’ve paid over 55k in support and received about a hundred dollars worth of visitation; and my son calls another man ” daddy” I’ve been humiliated beyond belief.; however, I got to go with Tameka on this one. Unless she’s been declared unfit; I don’t believe she has, AINT NO WAY IN HELL USHER SHOULD BE THE CUSTODIAL PARENT!!!! AND HIS WINNING IN COURT WASN’T NOTHING BUT A GOOD OLD FASHION DOPE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!-MEANING I BELIEVE THIS WAS A BOUGHT AND PAID FOR RULING!!! First, Usher is an entertainer who has to be “on the road” constantly to make money. Second he ain’t married and Tameka gets first dibbs on watching the children anyway. Third, young children need routine and stability; Usher has many women running in and out. Finally, I believe Tameka’s attorney should have caught this earlier and I believe probably knew about and should have this judges recusal long before the ruling. Also, the state judicial qualifications commission should look into this as this ruling is beyond the pale.

  3. loycetate on said:

    I don’t know what to think considering these comments. A woman should do everything in her power to be a mother to her children but it seems like the children have become a pawn in all of this. I honestly thought Usher had some questionable masculinity issues in which bearing children cannot overshadow for what is done at “night” will truly come to light, I don’t care how many kids a person has before, during or after. The children are a blessing from God and nothing can change that. Find a amicable way to work it out for their benefit. The money, that you two fight over cannot be greater than the good or welfare of the children! Remember Whose money it really is! We are born and all will surely die and no amount of money will or can save any of us. You better rethink your position and ask somebody! OBAMA 2012

  4. ishlah1971 on said:

    It is never VILE for a mother to take whatever avenue available to have custody of her OWN children. Why did the court proceedings happen anyway? Tameka didn’t request them, was more than happy with the way things were. Why was she being brought to court in the first place right after burying her oldest child. USHER is the one to blame and is sooo wrong for how this was handled. Guess he does not believe in KARMA, if I could return his cd’s for a refund I would. So going forward I just won’t buy anymore, and am sorry I ever believed any of the things from Ushers people regarding Tameka. I refuse to believe the things he is complaining about now he knew nothing of when he married her.
    Anyone can be driven delusional and bitter due to a cheating partner, now I see why Chili was sooo quick to walk away without a look back. Have you seen her show, she still has trust issues behind him.

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