Huggy Lowdown says the Republicans are as believable as "Taye Diggs playing a Jamaican in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back."" Listen to hear more things "as believable",  his opinion on Condoleezza Rice's hair and more.


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2 thoughts on “Huggy Lowdown on Things More Believable Than Republicans

  1. gwanedm on said:

    I think that most of us as Black Americans have been indoctrinated into the Democrat Liberal Party since birth. We have been told all of our lives that Republicans are evil rich racists and the democrats are for the poor and minorities. When you hear this incorrect rhetoric all your life then you will think that the RNC is not for me or Republicans are not believable. Why can’t we see that they only tell us what they think we want to hear just to ensure that we continue to pull the lever for them on Election Day! Black America!!! What have liberal policies really done for us!!! Have liberal policies really helped to uplift and empower black people or not!! We tend to just overlook the lies that Democrats have told us. Black People!! Just look at the promises that Obama has made before the 2008 election and check how many he has kept. Why is the liberal more believable to us? Who is really for the poor and minorities!! The Democrats and Obama love poor people so much that they create more and more of them every day!

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