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After last week’s debacle or what we can call probably the worst week of Chad Johnson's life.  The former NFL star was catapulted into the “Bama of the Week" hall of fame.

It's hard to believe someone could come even close to topping that feat but after Todd Akin made those shocking remarks about rape, he came pretty close.

You know you have done something stupid when President Obama is making jokes about you in the news,  but he has not even gotten the worst of it  yet because Todd Akin you are the “Bama of The Week.”

Listen to the hilarity HERE in "If You Missed It" and while you are at it check out other Huggy Lowdown "Bama of the Week" specials.

Read this week's edition of Huggy Lowdown's "Bama of the Week" below:

Tom Joyner: And now its time for the celebrity-snitch Huggy lowdown.Huggyyy.What's the deal?

Huggy Lowdown: What's the deal? Is everything kosher?

Tom:Yeah everything's kosher

Huggy:Tom Joyner

Tom:Huggy Lowdown

Huggy:Sybil Wilkes

Sybil:Hey Hug

Huggy:And Jay Anthony Brown

Sybil:He might be late again try it again.

Huggy: And Jay Anthony Brown

Jay Anthony:What up Hug?

Huggy:The motivator who motivates…the educator who educates as the mastor debator who Fred Willard.In that order.

And speaking of Fred Willard our first contender gets pleasure out of jerking us around. He is the lying king of excuses. Jay Anthony Brown.

Tom, Earlier in the show did I hear Jay's excuse for being late to work because of day light savings time?


Huggy:Are you shigg-a-diggin' me?

He show up for work late  ochocinco times and head butt us with that bull shiggadee excuse? I was late two minutes and couldn't even sit in the main sanctuary. No…Tom sent my black ass to overflow for but no, not Jay, not Jay light savings time. Jay can tell Tom they found marijuana, alcohol, PCP and cocaine in his system and Tom biscuit beige ass would still believe him. You lie so much you could be Mit Romney's speechwriter. Contender number two Tom Joyner.


Huggy: Oh yeah, boss made for believing defending that bullshiggidity that came out of Jay's mouth.

Jay you living the best of both worlds, ain't ya? You got a black boss and you dating white women. Those are the only two people that believe your lives. Cause Sybil if he had a white boss and a black woman yo ass woulda been gone a long time ago


Huggy: Ask Chad Johnson if you don't believe me.Ask him, ok? Ask his ass.

Contender number three: Kevin Yoda. Now Kevin Yoda is the Republican from Kansas who went skinny dipping in the sea of Galilee. Him and his GOP posse went to Israel and went got real real. They got all drunk and stuff and started jumping in the Sea of Galilee. But Kevin Yoda wanted everyone to see the size of his boulder so he stripped butt naked like he's Prince Harry. He is going to hell. You butter ball naked in Israel and jump in the Sea of Galilee? This ain't  Jamaican's Hedonism resort you son of an exhibitionist.

Contender number four: Lance Armstrong. Yep, the seven-time Tour De France champion is taking off the gloves and throwing in the towel. He's through fighting doping allegations and he's stripped of Barry Bonds of biking of all seven of his titles. All that damn peddling Tom.Now he can't even sit on a stationary bike.

Contender number five: Taylor Swift. Yep, the singer Kanye made richer. Taylor Swift is dating the 18-year-old grandson of Robert Kennedy Jr, Connor Kennedy. Guess what she did? She not only wedding crashed, but shre bought a $4.9 million dollar house across the street from the Kennedy compound. There ain't nothing worse than a stalker with money. I mean that's a whole nother level. That ain't the same as public transportation stalking.You gotta wait for the bus,jump in a cab.

Number six is Jonathan Kirby. Jonathan Kirby is the burgaler who broke into LL 's house. He broke into LL's house and got his jaw broke, his nose broke. and his ribs. And he faces 38 years under the three strikes law, which is ironic because that's how many strikes that it took LL to break Kirby's jaw, nose and ribs.

Contender number seven: LL Cool J.

I know LL was protecting his home when he went pursudo on that intrudo. But did I mention that he was 56 years old? That shiggdity don't count! That's like  Mayweather fighting Morgan Freeman.

Tom Akin you are the legitmate "Bama of the Week" The next time you speak…don't. A woman's body has a way of shutting down practice. If it's a legitimate rape. You are a legitimate idiot and a legitmate "Bama of the Week".