In other troubled couples' news, former couple Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond are back in court over the custody of their two sons Naviyd and Usher V.

Special celebrity correspondent to the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Kevin Frazier, provided exclusive insight on yesterday's hearing, including the court questioning Raymond's lifestyle.

According to Frazier, the court compiled various photos of Raymond and questioned the star about his actions in certain images, asking Raymond things such as, "what were you doing in this situation with this woman" and other questions alluding to an "out of control" lifestyle.

Also, in a recording of the hearing Raymond told the court about the time he told Foster to move on, saying, " I told her [Tameka foster] that I felt like she should move on with her life and she should see other people."

Raymond then recalls her response to his statement, he says that she then asked him how would he feel about her having their sons around other men. Raymond says he told her "as long as your the responsible parent… I know that you will make a good judgement and you have to move on with your life."

It is hard to say if Foster has taken heed of Raymond's advice but it is clear that both sides are not budging and it will be a hard fought battle until the bitter end.

Listen to Frazier's full report about the former couple and more on Chad and Evelyn Johnson HERE.


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One thought on “Usher: I Told Tameka to Move On

  1. wandita1 on said:

    Sad. I feel for the children. Years from now they’ll both be on some therapists couch rehashing this whole ugly protracted ordeal. Probably, at this point the kids are acting more like the adults than the adults are. Somebody’s got give and simply take the high road.

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