Just when we thought Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster had set their differences aside in order to have a peaceful end to their custody battle, the duo is back at it again just a week after Foster's son was laid to rest.

It was previously reported, that Foster and Raymond were working on a new deal that would leave both sides happy and relieve Foster of additional stress.

However, a report has surfaced that Foster claims Raymond's kindness was only a ploy to get on the good side of the media, his fans, and the judicial system.

According to the reports, although the media shaped Raymond as a huge support during Kile Glover's accident, the R&B star really did not care and was not as prevalent as reported.

Sources say Raymond visited Glover only once during his fifteen days on life support and did not even attend his funeral.

Raymond reportedly asked the court to delay their upcoming custody hearing because he did not want to further stress Foster and their two children. He also claims Foster would have an advantage over him because the court would sympathize with her due to the loss of her son.

Foster responded by filing her own documents claiming his kindness is all a "sham" and he is not under stress as he says he is, asking for the judge to deny the requested delay of their court hearing.

Currently the hearing is set for August 13.

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21 thoughts on “Tameka Foster Calls Usher A Sham

  1. meecris on said:

    He should have just stayed with Chili…what’s so great about Tameka she looks like a man and hurried up and shitted out two babies for Usher she’s just looking to get paid!

  2. sharcando on said:

    Some of the comments I’ve read shows pure ‘D’ ignorance. Why does the trouble maker have to be Tameka? There are so many mean spirited people out there. Was it even necessary to attack her by calling her a man (I think she is beautiful). Hoe? She has other children who can read and might read your dirty, mean comments about their mother. Have you thought about their feelings? Usher is not at all innocent in this. Why does he want custody of the boys? so he can have the woman he’s now with raise them? Typical. Why must you heap abuse on a woman that has already lost her precious son? Once upon a time I thought she wasn’t right for him until—she became preganant with their first child. She was so vunerlable. Beautiful. If he loved her then that was all that mattered. I send out prayers to Mrs. Raymond and her family at the loss of her precious son, Kile. I also send out prayers of forgiveness for all of the mean, hateful and ignorant people who have posted stupid comments asking God not to strike you dead before you can ask him for forgiveness. We all need to uplift NOT tear down.

  3. EdieBlount on said:

    Why is Usher a “sham?” Because he won’t let her manipulate him? She should be thanking him for making sure she reached her son’s bedside expeditiously. He didn’t have to lift a finger to help her. To be as old as she is, she seems very immature. Since Ms. T. doesn’t have enough sense to thank Usher (publicly), I THANK USHER FOR WHAT HE TRIED TO DO IN THE FACE OF TRAGEDY. Good thing his rewards come from a Higher Power and not Tameka.

  4. EdieBlount on said:

    Hope you don’t take offense, but… the quote/scripture you’re attempting to quote is “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10). Having money is not a bad thing– it’s what is sometimes done with money that’s bad. A righteous (wo)man with money can do much more to help others than a (wo)man without money.

  5. loycetate on said:

    Amen sharcando, there is a time and place for everything. This is just another example of how death divides famiies when it should bring them closer together. My prayers are with Tameka during her time of sorrow. If Usher did have custody of his kids then what? He would not owe her anything and that is why “most” of the women that have kids in an attempt to secure a financial future are left holding the bag or “kids” because they were conceived with the wrong intentions. The children are the ones left dysfunctional. OBAMA 2012

  6. absblackw on said:

    Tameka Foster just is not right as a person, it seems to me. Obviously, Usher does not love you anymore so why bash him because he has moved on with his life. Usher’s mom was right about the Foster woman because she is not trying to be diplomatic at all. Men do bad things in relationships and take the blame so women should do the same and move on when it is really over.

  7. ODIEODO on said:

    Hey, I don’t offense to your reply if I did, I should not comment. I believe everyone has a right to say what they believe. What you are saying, is what I was also trying to say. I think both should back off & stop trying to hurt each other because in the long run, it’s the kids that suffer. It seems the more money some people have they use to destroy instead of helping. Thanks for speaking out!

  8. heloris on said:

    tameka you’re the sham from day one all usher owe you is child support. you said usher came once where is the real daddy how many times did he show up

  9. StreetKitty on said:

    is this individual EVEN FEMALE … if you took the cakes of make up off and pulled the wig off SHE/IT would look like a strong jawed male.

  10. StreetKitty on said:

    She, and I use that term liberally, looks like a male in drag. Her entire facial lines are that of a man.

    Is anyone sure this is even a female cuz obviously this is not a LADY

  11. glrfc on said:

    Somebody please tell this woman her 15 minutes of fame is over. Tameka, please move on with your life. Go away. Usher, please listen to your mother the next time.

  12. glrfc on said:

    Somebody please tell this woman her 15 minutes of fame is over. Tameka, please move on with your life. Go away. Usher, please listen to your mother the next time.

  13. agneed1 on said:

    Look like you been slobbering on yourself. Leave me alone, please just leave me alone, just stop dogging me around.

  14. agneed1 on said:

    Get a life Ho it wasn’t his son. Let him have his custody, all you gone do is beat the kids every time you think he is with another woman. Get your 5 dollars and disappear.

  15. ODIEODO on said:

    I guess what they say is true, money is the root to ALL evil. Ya’ll have kids together stop all this bullcrap and start being parents for these kids sake because in the end it isn’t about you two but the remaining kids. GROW UP!!!

  16. RKearns on said:

    You would have thought that the loss of her son would have caused her to lay down her sword. What will it take for this woman to move on with her life and be the mother she needs to be to her remaining children???

  17. nepatsgirl on said:

    Wow I am really sorry to hear this…I would have hoped that the death of her son made BOTh realize how precious and short life is and to end this crazyness for the sake of the two younger sons..while Usher provided her and family transportation to get to the young boy at the accident, me personnally felft that Usher stayed away from the funeral so that her and the dad and family can lay the boy to rest without the additional media attention both of them in the same place would bring. I pray this “divorce” can be setteled soon for everyone’s sake.

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