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Just when we thought Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster had set their differences aside in order to have a peaceful end to their custody battle, the duo is back at it again just a week after Foster's son was laid to rest.

It was previously reported, that Foster and Raymond were working on a new deal that would leave both sides happy and relieve Foster of additional stress.

However, a report has surfaced that Foster claims Raymond's kindness was only a ploy to get on the good side of the media, his fans, and the judicial system.

According to the reports, although the media shaped Raymond as a huge support during Kile Glover's accident, the R&B star really did not care and was not as prevalent as reported.

Sources say Raymond visited Glover only once during his fifteen days on life support and did not even attend his funeral.

Raymond reportedly asked the court to delay their upcoming custody hearing because he did not want to further stress Foster and their two children. He also claims Foster would have an advantage over him because the court would sympathize with her due to the loss of her son.

Foster responded by filing her own documents claiming his kindness is all a "sham" and he is not under stress as he says he is, asking for the judge to deny the requested delay of their court hearing.

Currently the hearing is set for August 13.