The Lorena Bobbitt story is infamous for the diabolical nature of her crime but now a story has emerged that can easily compare.

Everyone, even women, cringe at the thought of what she did to her husband.

Not only did she chop off his penis, but she drove down the road and threw it in a field. John Bobbitt knew immediately that she had cut him, so how could someone not know that kind of butchery happened to them?

Police in east China’s Zhejiang province report that a man’s penis was stolen while he slept. Fei Lin, 41, of the Niqiao village near Wenling City, told police that he was asleep when thieves came busting into his room and put a bag over his head, the "Huffington Post" reported.

“They put something over my head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off,” Lin said. “I was so shocked I didn’t feel a thing – then I saw I was bleeding and my penis was gone.”

Authorities believe that Lin was a ladies’ man and was spreading his penis thin anyway. They believe that the men associated with the women Lin has been “seeing” thought Lin would be less threatening to their relationships if he didn’t have anything to attract the women’s desire.  But Lin denies the allegations and wants his penis back.

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One thought on “Man’s Penis Stolen While He Sleeps

  1. truthsmack on said:

    Real NEWS

    Two Jonesboro, Arkansas officers are on administrative leave while police investigate how a 21-year-old man was shot in the back seat of their patrol car.

    21-year-old Chavis Carter was in the passenger seat of a pickup truck that was pulled over by police before 10 p.m. Saturday night, WREG reports.

    According to Officer Keith Baggett, Officer Ron Marsh found “some marijuana” and several plastic baggies when he searched Carter. A quick check turned up a warrant on Carter in Mississippi, where he lived.

    The cops then handcuffed him, searched him again, and put him in the back seat of the patrol car. As officers searched the pickup truck, Baggett claims he heard “a loud thump with a metallic sound” on his trunk and saw Marsh motion to him.

    According to police, the thumping noise was Carter shooting himself in the head — despite his hands being cuffed behind his back. Though officers searched Carter twice, they claim they missed the handgun that Carter allegedly used to shoot himself. Carter later died at a local hospital.

    “Any given officer has missed something on a search, be it drugs, knife, razor blades, this instance it happened to be a gun,” Jonesboro Police Sergeant Lyle Waterworth said.

    “I think they killed him, my son wasn’t suicidal,” said Carter’s mother, Teresa. She noted that her son was left-handed but he suffered a gunshot wound to his right temple.

    The investigation into the shooting continues.

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