Huggy Lowdown presents this week's "Bama of the Week."

Contender #1: Huggy Lowdown for being late to work on Tuesday.

Contender #2: J. Anthony Brown for his lying ways.

Contender #3: Marla Gibbs aka Flo from the Jeffersons, Huggy jokes "the maid did it!" because she's the only surviving cast member of "The Jeffersons"

Contender #4: Dennis Rodman's father, for having 29 children with 16 different baby mothers.

Contender #5: Snoop Dogg "you have smoked a little too much weed" for thinking he could create a reggae album.

Contender #6: Janet Jackson for her argument with Powerball aka Paris Jackson, Huggy jokes, "I know Michael Jackson is moon-walking in his grave right now."

Randy and Jermaine Jackson are the "Bamas of the Week" for going beyond sharing their girl but "Puff, Puff, passing" and both having a baby by the same woman.



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