Vice President Joe Biden revealed that he had to propose to his wife five times before she finally said yes.

During his address at the International Association of Fire Fighters 51st Convention in Philadelphia, Biden joked about how nothing has happened to him in his life without a fight, including his marriage.

"Nothing in my life has ever happened by acclamation. Nothing. As a matter of fact, I had to ask my wife five times to marry me before she said yes. So I don't know about this acclamation stuff."

Biden is no stranger to awkward jokes when addressing the public. Recently, he cracked a sex joke while giving remarks at the National Council of La Raza.

However, his appearance at the Fire Fighters Convention was not in a completely joking manner.  Biden used the time given to express his sincere thanks and appreciation to first responders for the work they do. He specifically recognized those who came to the rescue during the Colorado theatre shooting. 

"They're alive, those 58 people, because of you. You arrived on the scene in a timely way, you got them the immediate help," Biden said. "Look, I think I know you guys," Biden finished. "We owe you. Every now and then, it's worthy and worth it just to remind people."

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