O.J. Simpson is going to be locked up for a long time, but it’s not keeping him from touching millions around the globe.

The disgraced former NFL great could be appearing on big screens pretty soon in a film all about his life.

“The Unpromotable” feature’s the fallen star’s journey through the eyes of  Simpson’s former right- hand man Norman Pardo.

Simpson rose to glory as a huge football star in the early 70s, and was commonly pictured with numerous women, spreading his enchanting charm.

But life and fame took a totally different turn when his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman were found dead. It was a moment in history no one could dare forget; from the trial to the acquittal in 1995, it was a dramatic soap opera/reality show.

Pardo’s film may be about “the hardest man in America to promote,” but Simpson never gave in to the public’s opinion of him as his wife’s killer, he tells the Daily News.

“O.J. never felt there was anything negative about him at all,” Pardo, 51, said. “Even to this day, he never sees it. Maybe he blocks it out.”

Regardless of how Simpson saw and sees himself, the public attacked Prado for working with an accused murder.

“I got death threats,” he said earnestly. “Everybody wanted me dead. Nobody liked that he was out there again.”

The flick is going to be pretty interesting and will mock the racial undertones that were present during O.J.’s trial. But according to Pardo, the film will be held off until after the election so not to conflict with the potential reelection of a black president.

Craig Brand, who has served as a lawyer for Simpson for 15 years and introduced Pardo and Simpson in 1999, has seen the film and believes that Simpson will love it.

“It’s fantastic,” he said. “It’s a culmination (and) a tell-tale movie.”

The lawyer also confirmed that Pardo speaks with Simpson, who was found guilty of kidnapping, robbery and using a deadly weapon in 2008 and is serving a 33-year sentence in Nevada.

“We just talk about happy things because he’s really depressed right now,” Pardo said. “But he works out every day, he’s really buffed up.”

Pardo said Simpson coaches the inmate softball team and covers his cell walls with happy images. “He has some pictures of squirrels,” Pardo said, adding that his wife “sends him pictures of our puppies, too, and our swans, and baby swans… So his place is full of animal pictures.”


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One thought on “O.J. Simpson ‘Unpromotable’ Film to Cover Tumultuous Life and Career

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    We are the Prodcucers of a award-winning documentary called ‘Overlooked Susupect”,now appearing at documentary film festivals. It covers a 16 year, 56000 hour private investigation into the trial and murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.Feel free to visit our website for details. You be the Judge !

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