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One thought on “Real Fathers, Real Men

  1. korron08 on said:

    Dear Tom,
    I would like to nominate my best friend, Michael James. Mike is the proud father of 6 children. All of whom he takes very good care of. Recently Michael told me how he had been saving up to take his wife of 13 years on a cruise as well as pay his auto loan for his pick up truck off. In a rapid change of evens Mike’s wife had to have a total left hip replacement due to a childhood illness. Mike did not complain. He had to use the funds he had saved to take care of the financial responsibilities of the surgery and other bills. His wife has been out of work for almost a full year now and this has taken a serious toll on the family. Mike rose to the occasion, taking over the responsibilities of the house. After a 14 hour work shift he would cook, clean, and do laundry. He also helped with the physical therapy for his wifeโ€™s recovery. This Spring for his daughters softball league they were short one coach. Mike volunteered without a question. He did not want his daughters to miss out on their softball season. After a 14 hour work day Mike would make a bee-line to the softball field for practice. He never missed a practice or a game for those girls. Sometimes showing up in his work uniform. The team started out as the underdogs but quickly rose to first place. In the final tournament they lost the final game leaving the Honey Bees in second place. I had never seen Mike more proud. There was such an overwhelming positive response from the team parents and other teamโ€™s parents for the great job Mike did with his girls. The league has asked him to return as a permanent coach. Mike is very active with kids in sports as well as their academics. He is the proud father of 4 girls ages range from 12 to 5 years old and two boys, 14 and 8 years old. He is raising his young boys to be strong responsible real black men, something this world will need. Mike and his wife married very young at the age of 19 and 20. Mike was fresh into the U.S Navy and his wife was going off to college. By the time they were 25 years old they were the proud parents of five of their six children. Each year there were those who wanted to see this young family fail but God saw otherwise. Each year the good Lord blesses this young family to push forward with Mike leading them. I could go on about Mikeโ€™s personal sacrifices and trials he goes through as a man and father but he would not like that. He always said โ€œ I love my family and they love me and thatโ€™s all that matters.โ€ I have watched this man go without so much for the benefit of his family. He does not complain, he does not back down from his responsibility. His wife tells him that they will have their time to go, and they will be able to enjoy it. The only time I hear despair in his voice, is when he talks about not being able to take his wife to all the beautiful places he saw while in the Navy.

    I started this essay talking about my best friend, Michael James and he is just that. He is not only my best friend but he is my husband and my soul mate. I ask the good Lord to keep him safe because there are seven people who REALLY need him.

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