The U.S. Supreme Court has preserved President Obama’s health reform plan in one of the most significant cases in its history.
The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the biggest accomplishment of Obama’s presidency. Obama’s goal is to ensure medical coverage to nearly everyone, including the 50 million uninsured—19 percent of whom are African-Americans.

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15 thoughts on “Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Health Reform Plan

  1. goldengifts 45 on said:

    get a grip, repubs better be rolling out a jobs plan. I don’t want to hear anything about getting rid of regulations and lowering taxes. it doesn’t work. All of our jobs are over seas whether is the oil industry, insurance (especially), steel etc. It doesn’t matter what color you are, when you die you go back to dust and you can’t tell what color you are. Your dust is worth two cents if that much.

  2. nique0915 on said:

    I agree education about the health reform is needed because people ate only repeating what someone with hatred in thier heart tells them. Read, listen and then decide.

  3. clncblt on said:

    With this done, the administration needs to do a better job of educating the public of what the benefits are of the Health Care plan. There is so much bad information out there about the plan. Also, if health care is important to you, you need to get out and vote. Start now to make sure all your information is correction so there are no problems when it comes time to vote.

  4. lorias on said:

    What you just stated is a perfect example of needing “smartening up.” Car insurance is if you have a car, but you may never have to use it. You pay money into it month after month, or year after year, and you never get any of it back UNLESS you have to use it, plus you get ticketed if you don’t have it. So…health insurance is if you heave health. We ALL have that, don’t we? Whether or not you go to the doctor, you still have health; and eventually you will need to see a doctor. And you don’t consider health insurance a protection? At least with paying into health insurance you WILL get something out of it in the long run.

  5. nique0915 on said:

    I have also taken care of patients that chose to buy the 20’s or purse monthly verus choosing health coverage. As soon as they or the kids are sick they go to the county hospital or department of health, so my dollarss are covering thier health care. Damn right cover your own household, I currently pay $356 monthly for health coverage 75/25 with 1000 ded.

  6. The Court did the right thing in upholding the healthcare law although the law should be improved with a Public Option. The U.S. had been the only advanced nation without a universal healthcare system. To have a healthy population means a lot to our National Security in addition to the economy.

  7. nique0915 on said:

    I feel it is rude and shows lack of respect to call any human views dumb because you don’t agree. As a healthcare provider I have been the the end of the table informing a patient that the insurance that they are paying high rates monthly to insure thier family has denied the claim due to “preexisting” conditions even though they just diagnose. Some people are unaware in the general public is reporting the same.foolish words that they have heard out of the mouth of hateful people. I also been on the phone informing patients that it is doesn’t matter if you and your doctor decides you need treatment because you insurance won’t cover it,but you are welcome to pay out. $765 monthly for the treatment that is needed for your overall health. Personally I been denied coverage because UHC wanted to confirm that I don’t have two insurance policies. Think about how you would feel being denied health coverage.

  8. FTSMITH on said:

    I just heard Rush LimBUG’s trash talk. If it[the Healthcare Law] had been voted down, he would be bragging about [President] “Obama’s through.”
    “He can kiss his second term goodbye’ and “I told you he would fail”. But with the the SCOTUS upholding it, LimBUG had to come up with his usual hatred.

  9. llawton on said:

    Well we’re not dumbed down enough to think it’s really about being FORCED to have health insurance for people like you … It’s because THE PRESIDENT IS BLACK. If he wanted to mandate more OXYGEN you would be against it. GET OVER IT! He’s the first black president, but HE WON’T BE THE LAST!
    Besides, with the increasing hispanic population, this white & black thing will be a non MF ing factor pretty soon! You said blacks won’t vote Obama out so the white people will have to… Good luck with that. Oh, and after you do that, ask Romney what HIS plan will be. Good luck with that too.

  10. kjaction on said:

    Insurance companies will adjust and find ways to milk patients. So will the doctors. I’m not particularly thrilled one way or another.

  11. hoodtechiee on said:

    the above comment is a perfect example of america being dumbed insurance is only required if you have an auto.the reason for car insurance is the same as homeowners,rental insurace etc….it is to protect you against liabilities from other individuals even if it not your fault and neither is forced onto you,they are rquired to protect you and others,dam start reading and put the cell phone down!!!

  12. Khmboo on said:

    I must is very easy to beat the system. Especially if you are a woman, and needing assistance raising your children, there are ways around THE SYSTEM. Which is really sad, because the people that are really in NEED, have a hard time pushing that paperwork through. And the people that are in GREED, seem to find a crack to slide through.

  13. hoodtechiee on said:

    What this amounts to is that America has been dumbed down .Only 8% of high school graduates will make in this country; the rest will get gradually lazy and wait on hand outs either from other people or government. Most Americans are to incoherent to realize this is a forced tax on them to pay for health care.You can’t compare this to auto insurance because if you don’t have a car you don’t pay insurance.When America voted this clown in they had no idea what he stood for or his views. I see my African American brothers/sisters in worst financial & social shape than we were ever before and yet they want 4 more years of this. They will vote for obama because he is black regardless of how much more worse their lives will get under his policies, god help us.The only way out of this mess is to have obama sent back to Chicago on November 6, 2012.blacks surely won’t do it, and so it’s up to our white counterparts. Since we only make up 12% of the population and of that maybe 6% can or will even vote it is up to the whites in this country. Now that your liberal eyes have been opened will you see the light. White people voted obama in they are the only ones that can vote him out.

  14. queenrgb on said:

    I think its great! I have health insurance currently via my employer. If I did not have insurance I want like to be able to get it for a reasonable cost. I don’t understand why there has been such an uproar in the country about the government mandating individuals to have health insurance. We are mandated to have car insurance. If you don’t have car insurance you can have your car towed or you can be penalized, what’s the difference? Why is car insurance mandatory anyway? Its ok to pay for insurance to protect your car a material possession, but not your own health? That makes not sense. I am happy it passed!

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