A 14-year-old boy was eating pizza with his sister in a neighborhood in northern Chicago when a man fired shots into the pizzeria, hitting the teen in the head and killing him.

The night before, a 33-year old man was shot near a holiday party in the South Shore neighborhood of Chicago as partygoers ran from the scene.

Sadly there’s more, much more. All in all, 53 people were shot and 11 killed in Chicago over the recent Memorial Day weekend.

As horrific and tragic as this is, I’m bringing this up today not just because it’s a very sad and alarming story, but because of the subsequent and bold response of one writer to this violence.

This past week, Michael Skolnik, a writer for GlobalGrind.com set the Twitter world on fire by posting the headline: “53 WHITE People Shot! 10 Dead! One Weekend!”

Now to clarify, Skolnik, who is white, knows full well the victims of Chi-Town’s Memorial Weekend shootings were not white. But that’s exactly why he used GlobalGrind.com, where he’s an editor, to broadcast this fictitious headline that raised so many Twit-brows.


Click here to read full article.


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