The other day, it came out in the news that actress Lindsay Lohan broke up with her girlfriend … on Twitter. Some people reading this will find themselves asking at least one of three questions: Who’s Lindsay Lohan? Is she gay? And what the heck is Twitter? I hear you. But the real point of the story is that, once again, technology bites someone in the behind.

In my opinion, all break-ups should take place in person. And as much as I’d like to point the finger (or the thumbs) at the generation of mad texters, it really goes back farther than that, quite possibly back to the day of the caveman. I’m sure plenty of cavewomen found out their marriage was over by reading it off the wall of a cave for the whole cave community to see.

Back in the ‘80s, Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey perfected the format of having real people tell their personal business in public, and the world became fascinated with hearing other people’s problems. And, like most things that start out pure and honest, someone found a way to use it for evil. The next thing you know, Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Ricki Lake and Maury Povitch were getting rich off of people who were willing to share anything and everything in exchange for trip to the big city, a hotel stay and an appearance on television.

I remember watching an episode of “Jerry Springer” in the ‘90s when a gay woman invited her lover to appear on his show, thinking that they were going to discuss the difficulties of being an openly gay couple. Instead, the woman’s girlfriend announced to the audience and those watching at home that she was leaving her for the woman’s identical twin sister, who was also gay.

The audience was shocked, amazed, appalled and disgusted and booed when they heard what the woman had done to her girlfriend. Jerry Springer even was shocked, even though I’m 99 percent sure his producers had told him beforehand what was going to take place.

But throughout out the chaos surrounding the devastating revelation, the jilted woman sat calmly. Jerry walked up to her and asked if she had anything to say to the woman she thought she’d be sharing the rest of her life with. The woman looked at her former life mate and simply said, “Couldn’t you have just said this to me at home?”

I’m no wizard when it comes to technology, but over the years, I’ve personally been involved in or have witnessed how everything from fax machines to Facebook pages can get people in big trouble. But I also know the importance of staying relevant, and so I participate in this new wave of technology, whether I like it – or even understand it – or not. So, yes not only can you hear me on the radio; you can hear the show on, or you can call me, text me, fax me, read my blogs, check out my Facebook page or you can even tweet with me on Twitter.

But with all these ways to communicate and literally be hooked up with everyone you know – and some people you don’t – every second of your life, some things should still be private. Lindsay Lohan was wrong for what she did, and the words of the stunned Jerry Springer guest ring just as true in Lindsay’s situation. Breaking up with whoever you want to break up with, but can’t you just say it to the person at home?

If you’ve been broken up with, fired, engaged or propositioned by email, fax, text or – Lord help us – Twitter, let me know about it. And I don’t have to tell you how. These days, it’s impossible NOT to reach me!

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