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Tyrese Gibson is one of the most popular multi-talents in Hollywood these days.

The singer-turned-actor best known by only his first name has now done more movies than albums, but he’s back next month with his fifth studio CD, “Open Invitation.” Two singles – “Stay,” which reunited him with “Baby Boy” star Taraji P. Henson, and “Too Easy” with Ludacris – have already been released.

If all that’s not enough, Tyrese’s memoir/motivational book, “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way,” is a New York Times bestseller.

Here’s more on Tyrese, today’s “In Studio Jam” artist.

BORN: Tyrese Darnell Gibson in Los Angeles, CA

BIG BREAK: This Coca-Cola commercial propelled Tyrese to stardom after he was discovered on the bus in Los Angeles.

BACK STORY: Tyrese was best known as a singer until he started acting. John Singleton cast him as Jody the “Baby Boy” of the movie’s title, his first film acting role.

RESUME: Tyrese has released four studio albums and been in 13 films. For a while, he said he wouldn’t go back to singing, but this year, after a five-year hiatus from recording, he’s back to making music. Although he did form the supergroup TGT with bestie Ginuwine and Tank, the group never really got off the ground and didn’t release a project.

FUN FACTS: The lead role in “Baby Boy” was originally meant to be played by Tupac Shakur. And after the release of his book, “How To Get Out of Your Own Way,” Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson, has released her own book. Its title: “Drunk for 27 Years,” an account of her life as an alcoholic.

LATEST WORK: “Open Invitation,” out on Tuesday, Nov. 1.






“Too Easy” (with Ludacris)


“Sweet Lady”

“Why You Gotta Act Like That?”

“Signs of Lovemaking”


“Music is always my first love. I love what I do as an actor, but music has always got my heart. At the end of the day, acting is just that — acting. You’re saying somebody else’s words, you’re performing what somebody is suggesting you perform to live out whatever scene that they had imagined; you’re living and performing somebody else’s thoughts, scenes, setups and situations outside of the stuff that you may come up with on your own. So, when it comes to music, it’s like these are my lyrics, this is my experience, and I’m writing a song about this. This is the way I want to perform it on stage, and this is my thing. This is my music video. There’s more of a sense of ownership, like this is mine. So I love it.” – (2009)

“What I’ve learned about Hollywood is exactly that – it’s Hollywood. Nothing is ever what it seems, and nothing is ever what it appears to be, so you could literally be on a movie set pis—g everybody off, rubbing everybody the wrong way, saying all of the wrong s–t, whatever the case may be, and no one will ever tell you that you’re doing it. So, at some point, somebody is going to decide if they love or care for you enough to walk up to you and tell you the truth about your actions, and then you have an opportunity to learn from it and grow up from it.

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