Kylie Jenner,


You know Kylie Jenner reads her comments on Twitter and Instagram, so you can bet she’s perfectly aware of how her followers — particularly the Black ones — feel about her love of cornrows, boxer braids and Yaki extensions. So, we can only take the fact that she stepped out in public wearing an actual, honest-to-God du-rag as a middle finger to the entire community.

The teenage reality star attended Jonathan Simkhai’s Spring 2017 show in New York City on Saturday wearing a powder blue version of the head wrap that has been a staple of Black men’s style for decades (and also an accessory, like the hoodie, that inspires fear in the Zimmermans among us).

Twitter, rightfully and predictably, is not here for it:

Clearly, Kylie has learned nothing from the backlash she faced after wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf as a makeshift du-rag earlier this year:

Or, she just doesn’t GAF. Because, why should you care about offending huge groups of people when you’re young, rich and entitled? It’s only a matter of time before we see du-rags in all the high-end fashion magazines, as a trend credited directly to Kylie. Sigh.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO: Splash News

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