Kill A Black Teen And Make Six Figures Soon After

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Wave your white sheet if you feel her, fam.

It’s remarkable how some White people manage to always position themselves as victims. I could stand to gussy up that sentence, make it sound more politically correct or what have you. But what’s the point? When it comes to those rallying behind Michael Brown’s killer, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, they are not mincing words. Why should I?

I regret not having the magical power to bippity boppity boo all the bigots away. Of course, not many of them would identify with the term — a testament to their cowardice, not to mention their utter stupidity.

In a separate interview, one supporter defended Wilson ardently, claiming:

“He had cause for shooting this boy. Seems like they overlooked the fact that he robbed a convenience store.”

Never mind that the fact that Wilson did not stop Brown for allegedly stealing cigarillo’s from a convenience store. This person hears of a Black man committing petty theft and immediately turns it into a robbery — an offense punishable by death.

I should ignore this ignorance, but it’s difficult not to given how much it affects our collective reality. I can literally step outside and find myself on the wrong said of a police officer’s bullet and go on to see my killer protected, championed, and paid handsomely. It’s frustrating. It’s frightening. It’s so f*cked up.


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