No Hints From Hillary Clinton on ‘The Daily Show’

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  • NEW YORK (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton gave Jon Stewart no hints about whether she will run for president, but acknowledged during Tuesday’s taping of “The Daily Show” that the speculation surrounding her possible candidacy has become “a cottage industry.”

    Stewart introduced Clinton by saying, “She’s here solely for one reason: to publicly and definitively declare her candidacy for president of the United States … I think.”

    That proved not to be true.

    The two moved on to a series of national and international issues Clinton faced as secretary of state, including the violence and tension between Israel and the Palestinians.

    “We’re really in a terrible dilemma,” she said, noting there has been an offer of a cease-fire brokered by Egypt that Israel accepted but that was rejected by Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

    “Part of what I see Hamas doing is, their identity comes from being the violent resistance,” she said.

    Stewart also plugged Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices”, calling it an “eyewitness view” to her four years as chief U.S. diplomat.

    But he kept returning to everyone’s main question: the 2016 presidential race, joking, “I think I speak for everybody when I say, no one cares (about the book), they just want to know if you’re running for president.”

    He then took a different tack to try to get a hint from her about her political plans, asking whether she prefers an office with corners, or without them — like the Oval Office.

    She didn’t go for that bait either.

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    2 thoughts on “No Hints From Hillary Clinton on ‘The Daily Show’

    1. I am so tired of all the speculation of whether of not Hill will run in 2016!!!

      I have no intention of voting for her, I would rather see another female run for Prez than her!!!

    2. Shrillery Clinton will NOT run with a European Amerinan male for her V. P. cantidate. Her V. P. pick WILL be either a minority male, or any female. Shrillery Clinton will descriminate againts a European American male, then want European American males to vote for her.

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